:: You Need More Than Photos In Your Gallery Wall ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal gallery wall with a large basket and pictures surrounding itA gallery wall is an easy way to fill empty wall space. Slap up a couple pictures in frames and you’re done, or are you? There’s no doubt that using framed images with give you a great looking gallery wall. Using fun, unique and interesting frames of different sizes with give you an even better looking and more interesting gallery wall. But why stop there?

One thing you can incorporate is art. That doesn’t mean you just have to limit yourself to only framed art though and it doesn’t just have to be art. It can be an antique sign or piece you found hunting in the flea markets. These pieces can be worked into the gallery to make the wall look even more dynamic. Adding more than the just frame images brings a new depth and eye catching element to the wall.

Check out how these designers have used more than just images in their gallery  walls. Get inspired and start to think what you could add to your walls to make them that much better!
Coastal home gallery wall with coral art Rustic farmhouse inspired gallery wall Unique gallery wall with pictures and art resting on shelves

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