:: Bring In That Spring Green ::


Tuesday Tips

Beautiful lust tree of green in a rustic beach style entrywayWith spring in full swing it’s time to bring some fresh greens inside! And by greens, we mean green plants!

Flowers always take the spotlight in the spring time and for good reason, but another way to decorate your home with some fresh spring green is to use plants. We’re talking leafy greens that pop out in the home! Plants can bring in a fresh breath of air into a home during spring. They’ll thrive in the home and add a bit of contrast to your home decor.

Don’t have that magical green thumb? Then good news for you! Most plants, and flowers, come in both real and fake versions. No shame in using a few fake plants. We understand that not everyone has the time or memory to keep up with them! Another route to explore is the use of succulents. These require little amounts of water so they’re easy to keep up!

Check out how these plants were used in these coastal homes. They have the right idea for spring and hopefully you will too!
Palm tree in a white planter giving the home a little green Snake plant in a white vase on a modern stand Succulents on the side console in a coastal home

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