:: Think And Design In Pink ::


Tuesday Tips

Bright coastal bedroom with lots of light and colorsSpring is a time for colors! One color that is fun, bright and playful to design with is pink. It’s a great color that can be used in any coastal home. It’s coastal by it’s very nature, literally. Think of all those glorious sunsets that have those beautiful oranges, yellows, pinks and purples. The pink hues in the sunset are the ones that stand out the most. Use pink hues to capture that same feeling in your home!

Pink hues can go along way in little amounts. They can be used for fun pops of color and they can be used to lighten a space with a coat of paint on the walls. The fun part is deciding how you want to use pink in your decor.

Get inspired by these designers and their use of pink. Figure out fun and exciting ways that you can bring the beautiful hue into your home!Pops of pink throughout a coastal home Pink sofa in an eclectic coastal space Pink decor in a modern coastal living room Hints of pink in a coastal vignette

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