:: Fibers Are Our Friends ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal living room with lots of natural fibers and texturesNatural fibers are a must have in a coastal home. It’s the texture most associated with a beach house and the style. It’s very common to feel a jute rug under your feet or see wicker fibered furniture in the living room. These textures will always have place and they look great too!

The best part of using natural textures and fibers in your home is it brings the outdoor feeling inside. It connects the home to it’s beachy roots and lets those coastal feels flow throughout each space. This materials seamlessly blend in the home and feel as though they belong.

You most likely have natural textures and fibers in you home already, but if you don’t it’s time to get a feel for fibers! Take a look and see how these designers have used natural textures and fibers in these spaces.
Jute rug in a eclectic coastal living roomCoastal living room with natural furniture Natural fibers in a boho chic style coastal living room Natural textures in a coastal style kitchen

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