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:: Coastal Color Staples ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal bedroom with plenty of blue and white decorThe use of blue and white hues in coastal home decor is something that will never go away. It’s a timeless color combination that we’ve blogged about and pinned on our Pinterest boards numerous Times. It’s just too good to ignore or stop gushing over.

With spring starting to show it’s face again, these two hues start popping up more and more. There’s a pep with these two hues that bring your spirits high and a bring a sense of familiar ease. Check out what these designers have done with this classic color combination and think about using these wonderful hues in your home! Coastal dining space with a peppy blue and white color palette Coastal living room with blues, whites and a happy puppy Outdoor patio space of a coastal home decorated with a blue and white color palette


:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 103 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal details in a modern style living roomHappy Monday! We have coastal home inspired pins ready for you guys! Get those boards ready because today we have a couple photos that inspire feelings of freshness and openness. They are all spaces we would love to live in and feel welcomed instantly. Take a look and get the feels yourself! We hope you have a great week!

Looking for more coastal home inspiration and design? Look no further! Head to the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!
Eclectic dining space with natural tones on white Modern coastal kitchen with palms in the space to bring a fresh lookWhite kitchen space with natural wood textures Open and airy coastal living room designed with a white palette

:: 3 Jute Rugs For Any Coastal Home ::


Tuesday Tips

Jute striped rug in the hallway of a coastal home

The odds are good that if you’re in a coastal home there’s a jute rug in it. If there’s not one in there, there’s always room for one! They have become a staple in coastal home decor and for good reason. They are great rugs that not only last, but offer great texture and style to any space it’s laying in. Check out these three rugs we have at Tuvalu Home!

dash and albert blanco juniper jute woven rug1. dash & albert blanco juniper jute woven rugdash and albert jute ticking indigo woven rug2. dash & albert jute ticking indigo woven rug

herringbone gold braided jute rug

3. herringbone gold braided jute rug

See more of our jute rug selection many more online in the Tuvalu Home rug section!

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 102 ::


Monday Pins

Beauitiful modern coastal backyard space complete with palm treesWho’s ready for clear skies and sunny beach days? We know we are! This week’s coastal home decor pins are 100% inspired by those desires. Get those pin boards ready because we have five fresh pins ready for those coastal design Pinterest boards. Hopefully these bring the summer vibes we so desperately crave this week!

Do you want more coastal home decor and inspiration? Then head to the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!
Cozy coastal entrance space Modern coastal home details in the backyard Open backyard space designed with a white palette White outdoor sitting area perfect for entertaining and relaxing

:: Tuva-Luvs – Laurie ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

This week out Tuva-Luv comes from Laurie! One of her store favorites it the heirloom leather photo album with “for the ones I love” pressed into the leather. This leather photo album features 50 pages of thoughtfully collected quotes with a photo pocket on each page for cherished photos of family, friends, and loved ones. This heirloom leather photo album would make a beautiful gift for that special upcoming wedding or anniversary. Shop the heirloom leather photo album now!

Find more of our store favorites on the Tuva-Luvs Page!

:: 3 Table Lamps For Any Coastal Home ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal vignette in the entrway with a simple, clean lookA good table lamp is a game changer. It is a detail that can have a big impact on design, style and mood. They turn can turn dark spaces into lively and vibrant ones that offer a cozy place to entertain or relax. With such a range and variety of lamps out there, you can find the perfect table lamp for any space. This week we share with you three table lamps for any coastal home. There are endless options out there, but we’ll start with these three.
Jamie Young Verona Table Lamp1. Jamie Young Verona Table Lamp

Add an extra pop of color to any space in your home with this gorgeous ceramic table lamp. Traditional colors of blue and brown in a medallion pattern create a stunning, yet classic timeless look. The pairing with a more natural burlap shade gives an organic twist, broadening the array of many style decors this lamp will work.

Jamie Young Bandeau Table Lamp 2. Jamie Young Bandeau Table Lamp

This table lamp features a warm, wood base with natural grain details and a warm metal detail in the center. The white linen shade has a beautiful burlap trim to balance the wood base. Jamie Young Extra Large Plum Jar Table Lamp3. Jamie Young Extra Large Plum Jar Table Lamp

Elegant blue glass adds sophistication and character to any space. This perfect blue color can accent nautical and glamorous decor alike!

Find more table lamps on the Tuvalu Home website!


:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 101 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal living room with a beauitful ocean viewIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for those coastal home decor pins! Get those pin buttons ready because we have five fresh coastal pins ready for those boards! We hope these spaces inspire you and spark joy in your soul! Have a great week and happy Monday!

Find more coastal home decor and inspiration on the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!

Cozy cottage seating area with a chunky wood coffee table Eclectic coastal living room with unique pieces and bamboo style chairs Minimal coastal living room with lots of beach inspired accessoriesMoody coastal hallway with blue hues and tones

:: Decorate Those Walls With Art & Photos ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Black and white framed photos on a modern coastal wallReady to get the most out of your walls? Good! Because it’s time to them with art and photos!

We can’t just hang any old art though, no-no. No one wants to be that person that just puts something in their home because they saw it once in a magazine. We must take steps to be better than that. Take some time to sit down and have an honest, open conversation with yourself about art. Really put some thought into it because it’s something you are going to be looking at it everyday and every guest that enters your home with see.

This is why we must choose something fun! We must choose something meaningful! Maybe add some colorful? Maybe something silly? At least make it something cherished and loved!

A good part of the fun is the hunt. Heading out on the Wild West that is the internet and searching for your new art. The search for art is a great way to get to know yourself. You find your likes, dislikes and what really calls to you. Art is truly a great way to express yourself and to further imprint onto your home.

As always we won’t leave you baby birds without proper art inspiration. This, of course, is just a mere taste of what’s out in the wonderful world waiting to be added to your home. Go out into the world and find a piece that begs to be on your walls! Or realistically log on to Pinterest and type in ‘coastal art’ or something niche like that.
Coastal art hanging on a wall in a beach home Coastal blues in a cozy living room Coastal dining space featuring a bright and color wall of art

:: Decorate With Sea Glass ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal living room decorated with sea glass inspired huesDecorating your home with beautiful sea glass is a sure way to give your home the perfect coastal feel. You can’t go wrong with the coastal blues and greens that sea glass naturally has.

The cool, coastal blues that are complimented by the greens set the perfect tone throughout any coastal home. You can utilize these colors in multiple ways with all the natural hues that you get from sea glass. You can use pastel blues and greens or even use bold ones. If you want to get extra wild you can always mix the two together.

Check out what some of these designers have done and used sea glass colors in these spaces and get inspired by sea glass!Coastal sea glass decor used throughout the lving room Sea glass details in a coastal kitchen Sea glass inspired chandelier in the dining room