:: 3 Tips For A Cozy Living Room ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal cottage living room looking extra cozyThere are few things better than a cozy living room. Thats why if you want to make your living room nice and cozy we have a couple tips for you. Grab your favorite blanket, snuggle up and keep reading!

1. Space To Relax

One thing you want in your cozy living room is dedicated space to relax in. That means once you’re wrapped up in your warmest blanket you won’t have to move to get out of someone’s way or have people climbing over you. The last thing you want is to be playing musical chairs and constantly moving. Plan for your living room’s natural movement throughout the space. Don’t make it difficult for people to get in and out of the area while trying to relax.

2. Incorporate Color Layers

When we think of layers we instantly think throw blankets and pillows. These add the different textures and charm to the space which is definitely a fun part a cozy living room. Another way to play with the space visually is to use contrasting colors. We’re talking dark blue pillows on white sofa and vice versa. This adds a color layer that grabs your attention and pair with textures can create the ultimate cozy cottage space.

3. Use Natural Elements

Bring in natural materials such as wood, bamboo or jute to give the space that organic feel. These elements are tuned into nature and create a wholesome feeling in a cozy space. They add the character and dynamic traits that connect our bodies to the outside world.   Cozy coastal cottage style living room Cozy coastal living room with modern styles Set of chairs in a cozy coastal living room

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