:: Designing With Color In Kids Coastal Bedrooms ::


Tuesday’s Tips

Coastal kids bedroom with a light color paletteDesigning for kids is always a blast! It gives you a chance to decorate with all the fun and playful color options that you normally don’t get to. Get that imagination ready to collaborate with the most fun clients around – kids. The excitement that comes from them participating in the design of their new space is what it’s all about!

The great thing about designing kid’s rooms is that you have an endless color options and palettes to work with. No color is off limits because their imaginations are endless. It’s a great way to get the kids involved and creates a fun environment for them to be themselves. You don’t want them waking up in a dark, gloomy space do you? No way! So bring out the colors!

Looking to bring a little color to the kid’s bedroom, but not wanting to go all out? Then colored accents are your new best friends! Use accent colors to bring small pops of bright colors into the space without going overboard with colors. Stay true to the home’s overall theme and still have a little fun in the kid’s room. Accenting the right pieces can be tricky, you want the accented pieces to be noticed, however, you don’t want eyes to linger on them. Start with a few accented pieces and then add or subtract from there.

Color is a great way to introduce the little ones into designing. They can quickly and easily decide what they like based simply off the color and if it will work in their room! Coastal kids bedroom with pops of color Details in a coastal kids bedroom

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