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:: Stripes + Coastal Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Beautiful coastal home with nautical inspired decor and fun unique stripesStripes come in every size and shape imaginable. Okay, maybe not shape since stripes are just straight lines, but you get the idea. That’s why when you stumble across unique ways that designers have incorporated stripes into coastal home decor, you pay attention.

We love finding new and interesting ways that make us think about design. Maybe it’s as simple as layering stripes to add a new dynamic or adding stripes to place you normally wouldn’t think to try. It’s always fun to try and pair stripes with new and different patterns and textures. It’s also nice surprise when you find an unexpected match in patterns.

Take a look at what these designers have done with stripes and get inspired to broaden your way of thinking when it comes to stripes and designing.
Coastal dining space with layers of stripes to create a unique lookMixing stripes to create a unique dynamic in the coastal decor

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 117 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal details in the kitchen looking form the living roomHappy Monday everyone! It’s the start of a new week and it also means that we have coastal home decor pins for your Pinterest Boards! Get that pin button ready because here’s five more pins to get the coastal design inspiration flowing. Use a sharp eye and take notes on how these designers are using each space. Get inspired by the patterns and colors you see because maybe they’ll be featured in your home soon!

Get more inspiration and style ideas by heading over to the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!
Cozy coastal living room space Living room with coastal style plus a bamboo sofa Painted cabinets in a cottage style kitchen Textures in a cute beach house