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:: Bunk Beds In The Beach House ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

A couple bunk beds in the beach houseIt’s not uncommon to see bunk beds in a beach house. There are many theories as to why bunk beds are in a beach houses, but we figure it’s because everyone wants to go to the beach and the more places there are to sleep the more people can go to the beach! It’s simple math, more beds equals more people.

We welcome any all to join when it comes to staying at a beach house. It always leads to more fun and many more laughs. We welcome you to explore the idea of bunk beds when it comes to the beach house. It may be an easy way to set up the kids when it comes to the trip, but it can also be a place for a friend that wants to come out for a day or two.

Get inspired by these bunk beds and celebrate more laughs and good times in the beach house!
Bunk beds with blue decor in the beach house Offset bunk beds in a coastal bedroom Stripes and bunk beds in the beach house Two sets of bunk beds in the beach house

:: Loving These Colorful Doors ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Light blue painted door in a coastal entrywayYou’re invited over to a beautiful home and what’s the first thing you see? The Entryway. What’s more inviting than a splash of fun and bright colors?

You don’t want to greet your guests or even come home to a boring entryway do you?

Then take some notes and grab your paint brush because it’s time we cheer up the front of your home! A little paint on your front door can go a long way. We absolutely adore painted doors. I mean come on, we have a whole Pintrest board dedicated to them. Check it out Here!

There are other ways, including painting your door, to bring some color and life back to your entryway. Like fun bright accessories or lively flowers showing off their petals. Even the pots you put your new flowers in can bring a punch of color! With so many fun possibilities between paint, flowers and accessories there’s no reason you can bring out the best in your entryway.Perfectly pastel green door in a coastal backyard spacePink dutch door simply waiting to greet guestsPink painted door in an eclectic coastal homeRed painted door on a beach house

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #65 ::


Monday Pins

Bright coastal kitchen with sleek lines leading in a rustic beach style dining spaceIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for another round of Coastal Home Decor Pins! Get those pin buttons ready because it is time to start pinning! We had a wet weekend at the start and then the sun decided it wanted to come out and play! Hopefully we don’t get anymore rain, but it looks like we might. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope that we don’t! To fight the weather we’ve decided to give you guys a couple gorgeous pins to add to your coastal home boards! So pin ’em and share ’em to help us send out those good weather vibes! We hope you have a good week!

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Coastal details in the entryway Coastal details on the coffee table in beachy living room Coastal kitchen with a pair of high chairs at the bar Coastal living room with a relaxed beach theme

:: Highlight Those Blue Hues ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Beach coastal mixing blues and natural woodsWe all know blue and white compliment each other extremely well. There’s no questioning that color combination when it comes to decor. However, one other color, more of a material, accents blue hues just as well and that’s wood.

Wood is a great material to pair with the color blue. You can decorate with light or dark wood and find a blue hue that matches flawlessly. Pair a strong navy blue with a deep walnut to bring out the rich hues of each color. If you’re decorating with a lighter palette you can compliment a light blue with an ash or white oak.

Mix and match hues to find the perfect color combination for your home! Check out how these designers have paired blue with different types and hues of wood!
Beach cottage dining area with beauitful blue hues and wood accents Coastal decor mixing natural materials with blue hues and white decor Mixing blue with dark woods in a traditional style coastal home Strong nautical vignetter with model boats, dark woods and a striking blue

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #63 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal details on a living room bookshelfIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for a couple coastal home decor pins! We’ve got five pins ready to hit those coastal home boards on your Pinterest! So what are you waiting for? Get inspired and start pinning! We hope you have a good week and a happy Monday!

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Coastal farmhouse kitchen with space and light Coastal kids room with a fun pattern on the wall Cottage style kids room Modern coastal bookshelf in the living room

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #61 ::


Monday Pins

Bright coastal outdoor patio spaceMonday means it’s time for your coastal home decor pins! This week we have a nice dose of bright, relaxing space that require you to dream of! Hit that pin button and share these to your coastal home boards! We hope you have a good week and a happy Monday!

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Coastal dining room with a modern twist Coastal entryway with a rustic look Coastal living room with natural design influence Cute coastal outdoor space perfect for entertaining and enjoying th sun

:: 3 Easy Tips To Help You Design A Beachy Bedroom ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal bedroom with natural light, white decor and light wood texturesWe’ve got 3 easy tips to help you create a wonderful beachy bedroom. These aren’t going to transform your bedroom into a coastal, getaway destination or anything of that sorts. That would be nice though, right? These tips are to help everyone with their bedroom, no matter what shape the room is in. Whether you’re just moving in or looking to change things up, these 3 tips will help you get started.

1. Let there be light!

Open up those windows and let that space breathe! Most coastal spaces have a light, airy feeling to them and how do you think they accomplish that? By letting the light in! So don’t hide the inside of you home from the world! Let it see what’s going on out there!

2. Keep it simple.

There’s no secret that less is more. There’s no need to go crazy in a coastal bedroom which makes your job easier. All you need to do is pick out your fabrics, a little art for the walls, a nice bed frame and one or two extra furniture pieces to decorate your room with. It will go a lot further then you think while leaving the space feeling open.

3. Decorate with white.

Decorating with white creates the feeling of peacefulness and relaxation. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a bedroom that invokes that every time they set foot in it? We know we wouldn’t hate that! So if you aren’t sure what color to use in your bedroom, you can never go wrong with white.
Natural light in a coasatl bedroomWhite coastal bedroom with coral and sea life art

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #57 ::


Monday Pins

Blue cabinets in a coastal kitchenIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for you coastal home decor pins! This week we’ve got five fresh pins ready for those coastal decor Pinterest boards. So get those pin buttons and start pinning! We  hope you have a good week and enjoy your coastal home inspiration!

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Coastal accessories and decor in the living roomCoastal accessories and decor on a bookshelf Coastal bedroom with a little boho chic style and feel Coastal living room with lots of bright light

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #56 ::


Monday Pins

Beauitful coastal home with a mellow tropical feelIt’s Monday and it’s time for you coastal home decor pins! This week we’re completely focusing on brighter and warmer because it’s been raining like crazy here in Southern California! It’s wet and cold so naturally we want to be somewhere else. Preferably somewhere sunny with the sun shining! Hopefully these five fresh pins can take you to a better place! Get those pin buttons ready and add these to your coastal home boards! We hope you stay dry and get warm this week! Happy Monday!

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Coastal chic mixed with a little modern style Outdoor tropical space ready to lounge Cozy chic coastal home with lots of eclectic charm Coastal side console with pops of blue

:: Tuva-Luvs – Gracie ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

This week our Tuva-Luv comes from Gracie! One of her store favorites is the true love story sign! This is a great piece of art to add to any coastal home! The sign is printed on distressed metal set with a recycled wood frame. With coastal cottage feels, this sign is ready for your walls! Start shopping for the true love story sign now!

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