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:: Have You Seen Our Portfolio? ::


monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-001tuvalu home emerald bay design projectWhen’s the last time you took a peek at our portfolio? Because we think it’s time that you head over and check it out! Our design studio team has been working hard to create stunning spaces for clients that we want the world to see! So do yourself a favor and take a look at what we’ve been up to! Head on over to our portfolio here!

:: Scandinavian Coastal Style ::


Tuesday Tips

24c45386dfdea4cd6588a8b1df0198dcScandinavian coastal design is a style that easily recognizable. You’ve seen it before and, just like us, you wish your home was decorated with this style. It’s most noticeable feature is the all the white decor. It has all white everything. If there is any color, it’s minimal and typically a neutral or natural tone.

Another big design aspect of the style is the open, airy feeling in the space. Each room feels spacious and roomy. This is achieved by using limited amounts of decor in each space. It’s a minimal design that uses simple, natural pieces. Without trying to get as much as a designer can in the space, it really gives the room a chance to open up and for the viewer to enjoy the space.

This style also uses a lot of natural light. It sets the entire tone for the space and compliments the open, airy feel of the space.
6055920131_32b7a2fcc5_of983cf7ca1bd6adbee4bbff967500edagrey-coastal-living-room-paul-massey18f364f1bef7512cfab033c3e993796a7 593a98bfbeebaefc2e587401f70cd43f 788b10bf722903b155a8e0b319183ce9 3375f73d6287e8410240011d8ce73a4c 87773b01c67af7d103f87fac8ed073b8 3953000324b5d6340fe23bedf8e39ba2 b71ca8b18713ca7c350a1b53f0772666 c7031e060aef33269ec29f296e39029b cf06725a16c01309147c56f0db7d51de e2875a54ccaf189bf1a7f91c54cc046f ec824d502d7e7e29fb08c83ccb881a65

:: Contemporary Beach Cottage ::


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0414-fire-island-living-room-lThis is a home we had to share with you guys! We found it on and hopefully you’ve seen it, but if you haven’t, you will now! This cottage is unique and worth sharing for many reasons. First, it’s in New York. When you think beach cottage the first place you think is definitely not New York. Unless it’s the Hamptons, but that usually means beach mansion. The second reason is the decor. We love what they’ve done with the place. It’s a contemporary, almost modern, style that mixes in some classic rustic, beach cottage decorations. The styles mix well and the feeling it gives the space is great. Third, the color palette.  The colors work so well! The dull, grey exterior does a 180 when you walk inside and you’re met with the clean white base, topped with bright accents. It’s a great move by the designer and looks amazing! Last, but definitely not least, is that view! Can’t beat walking out onto your porch and seeing the open sea. We love it! If you want more details head on over to Coastal Living’s website here.
0414-fire-island-dining-room-l0414-fire-island-day-bed-l0414-fire-island-kitchen-l0414-fire-island-bedroom-l0414-fire-island-bathroom-l0414-fire-island-deck-l0414-fire-island-porch-l*images by Coastal Living


:: Tour de Coastal Design ::


Tuesday Tips


So you like coastal design? Great! Because we do too! The best part about coastal design and decor is that there’s much more to it than pretty shells and cute hues of blue. There are multiple types of coastal decor within the design style. They are beach cottage/rustic, Scandinavian, modern/eclectic, Mediterranean and tropical. Each design style has it’s own unique characteristics that we plan on looking at and breaking down. In the coming Tuesday tips posts we’ll feature one of the design styles and show you guys what they’re all about. To give you all a quick preview of what’s to come we’ve found living rooms from each style to include in this post. Stay tuned and check back in to see each style up close and personal!

Beach Cottage/Rustic




Mediterranean mediterranean-coastal-style-living-room-decor-tuvalu-home


Tropical tropical-coastal-decor-living-room-tuvalu-home-2

:: Monarch Beach Design Project Room Breakdown ::


Feature Friday

Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-002Today’s post is all about breaking down some of the rooms from our latest project. We’ll be letting you know what the designer was thinking during the process and where she was coming from. If you haven’t seen the entire finished project, jump on over to our portfolio page and see it in it’s entirety here! But make sure to come back for more goodies in this post!

Let’s start with the living room (pictured above). We talked to Jaymi, designer and home owner, and she said, “For a cozy feel in the living room I chose to do a custom blend of wood tones to create warmth for the tongue and groove but white beams to still add a coastal touch.” She also went with sisal carpet instead of regular carpet throughout the entire home. It’ beautiful and also adds an extra unique design element to each space. She also decided to hang her art by using art gallery style with brass chains that come from the ceiling to get a more traditional look. Jaymi became a fan of this way to display wall art as she traveled to other countries and toured historic castles and estates. She went on to say, “I noticed how they hung their priceless works of art in this style and always admired how beautiful it looked.  And it won’t make holes in my walls or wood work.” Jaymi also decided to use sconces rather than table lamps in the living room to conserve space on end tables and create more space for decor.

Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-026Jaymi used oyster shells on the fireplace to add that ocean feel without having shells everywhere. The bricks are hand stamped and give the space a custom feel while mixing up the textures in the space. The TV is framed with a custom matte frame and hung above fireplace as to not have take up room on a console or TV stand (Yes, that’s a TV, not a piece art above the fireplace).

Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-004Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-012Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-027The kitchen backsplash features 6×12 marble subways in a herringbone pattern with stunning wood shelves made from barnwood from the 1900’s. You can see the white that still shows on the wood shelves from when they used a milk glaze on the wood of the barns to prevent bugs from eating through the wood.  If you haven’t noticed by now, this home and designer is heavy on the details! The brackets holding the shelves were custom made from chair rail pieces. They give a great rustic design compliment to the wood shelves and really bring the look together. The base cabinets are retrofitted from Tuvalu cabinets and the kitchen comes complete with a glass front pantry cabinet.

Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-010At the time Jaymi was deciding to invest in her first home, she was torn on her first home being located at the beach or in the mountains. Even though the beach home won out, she still wanted to have aspects of a cozy mountain feel for her guests to enjoy. With white tongue and groove walls and a dark navy ceiling as a base, the rest was just a matter of layering it with aspects of warmth.  With the spool style bed, buffalo check curtains, vintage boy scout backpacks, antlers, a few Pendleton blankets, and a vintage American flag (not pictured), Jaymi had the perfect cozy retreat for her guests.

Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-008 Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-007 Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-009 Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-018

In her master suite, Jaymi wanted it to be relaxing and have a spa like quality after her long days. She did a more traditional wainscotting than the rest of the space and used her wallpaper in the bath as a match for the colors of her walls to create continuity. The barn door that’s painted in a very light grey separates the bathroom from the bedroom without taking up any space.  The clam shell sink is one of the many items she had saved for years, which she found on a buying trip to Atlanta, and knew that one day it would make the perfect sink after a little retrofitting. The vanities in both bathrooms are chest of drawers from Tuvalu. Jaymi knew she loved Tuvalu’s mermaid artwork, but as with most things in her home, she wanted it to be meaningful. She accomplishes this by a grouping that represents each one of her best friends in their hair color and personality so she always has them near.


:: Monarch Beach Design Project ::


Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-001This design project is truly a special project to us here at Tuvalu Home. It belongs to one of our own who is responsible for many of the amazing things within our company and (as you will see) has remarkable taste and style. This home is absolutely  beautiful and this moment has long been awaited. We’re so happy that we can finally show this to you! You really have no idea how long we’ve been waiting for this! The home is 110% Tuvalu, literally everything is from out store. If you’re anxious to see this home right now, jump over to the portfolio page here. We don’t blame you, you can come back and read more later. For those of you who want a little more info, keep on reading!

After nearly 10 years as a buyer for our store, Jaymi has had plenty of time to gather her favorite Tuvalu pieces for when the time came to create her perfect home by the sea.  Recently, the time came and finally she was able to transform her home into the perfect space.

In looking for inspiration Jaymi would always think of the grandest most beautiful homes and hotels she had been to and take note of what made them feel so special. She used this little strategy and applied it to her smaller home for a luxurious cozy feel.

When people ask Jaymi what the style of her home is she has no idea what to tell them except that it is just filled with all the things that she loves individually or that mean something to her. And somehow, with no surprise, they all just work. But she says these two rugs pictured directly below are a good representation of her style – a little coastal and little rustic.  She couldn’t decide on which one she wanted for her living room. She didn’t know if she wanted to go more rustic with the cowhide or stay true to her location with a coastal blue and white striped rug, but in the end she couldn’t part with either. As time went on it turned out she loved them just the way they are, in perfect harmony.

We’ve dropped a few pictures in this post to show you guys what we’re talking about. These are just a sample and you absolutely have to go to the portfolio page for this design project. Go to portfolio page here! And don’t worry, we aren’t done talking about this project yet. We have another post coming that’s going to breakdown some of the rooms, details and more! Plus some before and afters! Stay tuned and enjoy!

Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-024 Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-002Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-003Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-007Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-010Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-021

:: Monarch Beach Design Project Preview ::


Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-001Are you guys ready to see our latest project? Because we’re definitely ready to show you guys! We love the way this home turned out and can’t wait to show you! Unfortunately, you guys have to wait until later this week. We’re getting it up on the blog and making sure we don’t leave anything out, so please be patient! Stay tuned and check back later this week for a full view of this amazing coastal home we designed!

:: Joyce Nereaux Moore’s Garden ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

01-one-glorious-garden-roses-lgn-51429276We stumbled upon this beautiful garden and absolutely adore what Joyce Nereaux Moore and her husband, Gerald Moore, have done with their outdoor space! It’s a truly inspiring garden and just plain gorgeous. Everything planted is well thought out and placed perfectly. They roll up to their home and are greeted by stunning climbing roses that have engulfed the front of their house. And the two have even set a cozy, quiet dining area that will get plenty of use during the warmer spring and summer days and nights.

As you can tell we are a huge fan of this garden and backyard space. We’re just swooning and ready to move right in! What do you guys think? Would you walk in a get comfy or would you change a few things? Let us know!
02-one-glorious-garden-daylillies-lgn-25704486 03-one-glorious-garden-shelters-lgn-69335914 05-one-glorious-garden-trumpet-vine-lgn-25532741 06-one-glorious-garden-hydrangea-lgn-16412421 04-one-glorious-garden-chairs-lgn-11712168*images via Lisa Hubbard

:: Coastal Living’s 2013 Showhouse ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

1013-showhouse-front-exterior-lIn this month’s issue of Coastal Living they featured their beautiful 2013 showhouse. It’s located in Daniel Island, South Carolina and is decorated in an array of bright colors and patterns. The home’s exterior has a classic cottage look that has been updated with a splash of color which hides all of the fun, bright decor inside. The interior mixes a lot of color and styles effortlessly. For instance the furniture ranges from traditional pieces to modern ones creating unique lines throughout the spaces. They also were not afraid to mix colors and patterns in each space. Each space has color popping out eager to please your eyes and to keep you lingering in each room.

We’ve only posted a few photos from the home in this post, but you definitely need to check out the rest of Coastal Living’s Showhouse! Jump on over here and enjoy the rest of this stunning home!

1013-showhouse-kitchen-l 1013-showhouse-living-room-couch-l 1013-showhouse-living-room-l 1013-showhouse-master-suite-l1013-showhouse-office-l 1013-showhouse-patio-l

:: How You Do Blue By Phoebe Howard ::


Tuesday Tips

blue-family-room-0713-lHave you seen this home designed by Phoebe Howard? This home is amazing! She uses blue so well throughout the home and leaves us wanting more! And we love the subtle hints of green scattered about too! She effortlessly uses a neutral palette to make the blues stand out and really give us something to enjoy. Howard also uses different hues of blue to give the space depth and to create a nice flow throughout the space. This prevents the any color overkill which can happen when designing with one main color. We love the way this home turned out and had to share it with you guys! It truly is inspiring!green-chair-family-room-0713-lblue-dining-room-lblue-girls-bedroom-0713-l blue-living-room-0713-lblue-breakfast-room-0713-l blue-living-room-dresser-0713-l blue-master-suite-0713-lphotos via coastal living