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:: Get Your Coastal Home Cozy For The Holidays ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal kitchen decorated for the holidays with ribbonsThis holiday season focus on the important things: loved ones, warm drinks and coziness. There’s nothing better than curling up with a warm blanket and getting extra cozy, especially during the holidays. We aren’t shy about our feelings when it comes to being cozy, we love it! But why not bring that idea to your home decor?

It should be easy when it’s cold and Christmas time is here. It’s an easy process of elimination and addition to get your home ready for maximum holiday cheer and cozy comfort. All you have to do is ask yourself these very simple questions.

Question 1: Does it keep me warm? If the answer is yes, then we keep it, add it, buy it, love it and get warm in it. If the answer is no, then we get rid of it. Simple as that. Pack it up and bring it back out once it gets warm again.

Question 2: Can it be used as holiday decor? If the answer is yes, then we keep it, add it, buy it, love it and get cozy with it! If the answer is no, we do it anyway! Okay, maybe not because there’s only so much space for holiday decorations, but you get the idea. If it isn’t serving a festive role then time to pack it up until the holidays are over.

That’s all it takes. It really can be that simple. Little effort, maximum result! Get your home more cozy and more Christmas-y with those two simple questions. Stay warm and don’t forget to have fun!
Cozy coastal cottage with blankets to keep warm during the holidays Cozy coastal cottage with Christmas decor Rustic holiday decor in a cozy coastal cottage Santa pillow on the chair in a cottage style home

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 143 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal Christman living room decorHappy Monday everyone! We hope you’re excited because Christmas is coming fast! That means we are full of that festive spirit and excited for our favorite holiday. This year has come and gone quick and Christmas is a great way to wrap things up. Get inspired by these festive spaces and get excited for some holiday magic. We love decorating the tree and displaying all our Christmas decor. If you love the holidays just as much as we do then you’ll love these pins and they’ll have a perfect spot on your coastal home decor Pinterest boards!

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Coastal living room decorated perfectly for Christmas Garland work on the stariway railing Simple Christmas decor on the front door of a beach cottage Stockings hung along the mantle in a modern coastal home with farmhouse style

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 142 ::


Monday Pins

Bright coastal living room with fun pillowsIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for your coastal home decor pins! Get those pin buttons ready because we have five fresh pins ready for those Pinterest boards. Get yourself in the coastal design mindset and check out how these spaces have been decorated. Enjoy the all the hues and whites that have been displayed on the textures used throughout the spaces. Get inspired and have yourself a wonderful Monday!

Are these pins not enough? Then head on over to the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!

Clean white kids bedroom with pops of blue Desk workspace in a coastal home Neutral colors in a coastal bedroom Simple coastal decor in the hallway

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 141 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal kitchen with bambooo bar stool chairsMonday means it’s time for your weekly coastal decor pins! These coastal home pins are ready for those Pinterest boards and to start inspiring you. This week we have a wide range of different coastal styles featured. Not only does this highlight the variety of styles and looks within the decor, but it will hopefully introduce you to some new ideas. This will get the ol’ noodle moving and thinking about some new things! We hope you have a great week and start this Monday off the right way!

Find more coastal home decor and inspiration the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!
Coastal living room with indigo colors Comfy looking bed in a boho chic coastal designe bedroom Living room with a modern and clean coastal look Simple coastal dining space

:: Natural Design Elements This Thanksgiving ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal home with fall decor effortlessly mixed in using natural elements and festive accessoriesThis Thanksgiving try using natural and organic elements to decorate the home. Fall foliage is a great way to provide a fun, festive look! And if you still have a few pumpkins left over from Halloween that weren’t carved they just became Thanksgiving decor.

Use those beautiful fall leaves and flowers to bring those fall tones and style into your home. Look into small gourds and pumpkins to use as table decor or as small decor pieces in the living room. Bringing in a few natural fall pieces to mix into your existing decor can give the appearance of a well decorated and festive home.

If you’re looking for a little design inspiration then we’ve got you. Check out how these spaces have been decorated for the fall! Get inspired and get creative!
Fall decor with natural elements in a rustic, cottage style home Fall details on a coastal detail Simple fall decor in a coastal cottage style home

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 140 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal bedroom with simple decorIt’s time for your coastal home decor Monday Pins! Get those pin buttons ready because it’s a new week and we have new additions for those coastal design inspired Pinterest boards. We woke up to some very warm weather this morning here in Laguna Beach and we’re shocked because it’s November! We should be cooling down and layering up, but instead we’re getting perfect beach day weather. To match those feels we have some bright, open and airy feeling pins for you guys today.

We hope they inspire you and we hope you have a great week! If you want more coastal home decor pins, then head on over to the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!
Family room with a large beaded chandelier Pendants hanging in the kitchen of a coastal home Simple decor in the hallway of a coastal style home Cute coastal home nook

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 139 ::


Monday Pins

Beautiful bathtub in a coastal bathroomMonday, Monday, Monday! It’s time for those coastal home decor pins! Get those pin buttons ready, ladies and gentlemen, because we have five more fresh pins for those coastal design boards. This week we’re all about the bathroom. That glorious space you can draw a bath, relax and escape for a brief moment to reclaim your inner peace. Get inspired and think about how relaxing all these spaces could be with you in them. Especially that big tub in the first image – dreamy.

We hope you have a great week and you find some time to relax! Do you want more coastal home decor? Then head to the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!
Cute wallpaper print in a coastal bathroom Dreamy coastal bathroom with lots of natural light and space Great tile work in a coastal bathroom Simple coastal bathroom with a round bamboo mirror

:: Get The Guest Room Ready For The Holidays ::


What’s Trending Wednesdays

A cute, coastal guest room with nautical decorDo you have guests coming during the holidays? Better question, is your guest bedroom ready?

It’s time to get the spare room ready for the holiday season! If you need some guest bedroom inspiration then look no further! We’ve gathered some great images of coastal guest bedrooms that can inspire and motivate you to get yours ready for the holidays.

So take a look at these cute guest bedrooms and prepare for your coming guests! Remember to have fun and enjoy your friends and family this holiday season!
Coastal attict converted to a bedroom with plenty of sleeping space modern coastal bedroom perfect for guests Simple coastal guest room with red colored accents Sea shell decor inspired coastal guest bedroom

:: 3 Tips For The Perfect Holiday Table ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal holiday dining table decorPreparing for the holidays is half the battle. So this week we have a post that will help get you prepared for any hosting of friends and family you might be doing during holidays. Let us help you take some of the stress off your plate because we’re focusing on table decor. Let’s get your table ready for the holidays! We’ve got 3 tips to help you and your table make it through these holidays. Ready? Let’s go!

1.  Stack & Layer

Let’s give your table depth. We can accomplish this with table clothes, runners, place mats, and stacked dishes. Layering your table linen will instantly give your table depth and if you want to play with colors it can even add contrast or fun pops of color. Don’t limit yourself by placing each and every dish, utensil or napkin on its own. Stack them up under napkins or other dishes to add dimension to the table.

2. Simplify The Centerpiece 

We love gorgeous and stunning centerpieces, but they can be large and take up valuable table space. This year remove the stress and save your time for what’s important. Go with a simple yet elegant centerpiece design. Depending on your table size, you may be able to leave your stunningly simple centerpiece out for the actual dinner. Another option is to create a centerpiece design with quick and easy to remove pieces. No extra time spent removing every piece one at a time. This will make clearing space easy and no one will be left out of the conversation during dinner.

3. Prepare For The Mess.

Holidays are messy – plain and simple. So lets be prepared for them. Mentally preparing for that stain that’s going to happen on your new or favorite table runner is probably going to help you cope with it a lot better when it happens. With that in mind, maybe we don’t want to use our newest or best during actual meals. Lets show them and then remove them. Unless you’re using white runners. Then we can bleach them after and be done.

Coastal dining table with a beautiful layout featuring shells Simple dining table decor featuring some fun pumpkins

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 138 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal dining space with bright light and light huesIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for your coastal home decor pins! Get those pin buttons ready because we have five fresh pins for those coastal home decor boards. Get inspired by these spaces and use those ideas to take you home design to the next level! We hope you have a good week and have a wonderful Monday!

Do you want more coastal home decor ad inspiration? Then head over and check out the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!

Light color palette in a coastal cottage living roomCoastal bathroom with a big shower Open entryway with lots of natural light Stripes on a chair in a coastal living room