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:: Take Notes From The Cabin ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Rustic living room in a cabinIt’s winter time and we know what that means! It means playing in the snow, gathering around the fireplace, and getting cozy in the cabin! At least that’s what we like to dream of because we really don’t have winter here in Southern California. Maybe some rain, but that’s about as winter as it gets for us. Since there isn’t much snow and winter is rather tame here, all we can do is dream of it! It does get cold for us Californians and that brings up one design tip that is directly inspired by cabins. Decorate and prepare for the cold!

That means extra blankets, cozy pillows and all the cottage feels you find in a cabin! Cabins always have extra ways to keep you warm. Whether it be a cute nook that gets direct sunlight or a sofa with blankets ready to battle the cold, you’re always prepared. Take this idea and use it in your home this winter! It doesn’t have to snow where you are to be influenced by the cabin life, but if it does than that’s one more reason to be prepared!

Take a look at beautiful cabin spaces! Do you have any pictures you’d like to share with us? Post a comment with a link, post it on our facebook page or just email us! We’d love to see some cabins you really adore!

Rustic cabin bedroom with an American style Rustic cabin with lots of wood and animal hides Cabin nook looking extra cozy


:: 3 Simple Tips For Getting The Entryway Ready For Fall & Winter ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal fall entryway mudroomNow that fall is in full swing, before we know it, winter will be here. Is your home ready for the cold season? More importantly, is your entryway ready for fall and then winter? Getting your entryway ready for fall and winter is necessary to take on the cold weather. You trudge in on a wet day and you’re greeted by warm, accommodating entryway. Accommodating? Yes. Ready to fulfill your wishes of getting out of those wet shoes/rain boots. We’ve got 3 very easy and quick tips to help make your fall/winter easier. They will make your life easy during the cold seasons and easy to overlook or forget about, but don’t! They will help, check them out!

1. Grab A Seat.

Get yourself a bench or something to sit on you can get out of those wet shoes fast! You can also catch your breath and then continue stripping off all the layers.

2. Toss The Coat.

Get a couple coat hooks for the wall or a coat rack. You want that coat off your body ASAP to get the cold weather off of you so you can start warming up in the house.

3. Lay Down A Rug.

You’re gonna bring a little Mother Nature in when you get home, so make sure you have your indoor/outdoor rug ready and in place to help against the mess.

These 3 simple tips will go a long way during the upcoming seasons. I know they are easy and almost common sense, right? Well, you’d be surprised how easy it is to overlook these simple ideas. Don’t forget and be ready for the cold weather!

Cute boho chic entry way ready for fall and winter Simple entryway with space to strip off the layers and take off the wet boots Festive rustic entryway

:: Rustic Wooden Ladders ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Bright coastal living room with plenty of ocean inspired decorA wooden ladder is a great design piece and an easy way to add rustic decor to your home. They’re extremely versatile and bring a great deal of eye pleasing interest to any space. How does a wooden ladder do this? By taking advantage of the vertical space.

They fill the room and give your eye something to follow through the space. This is as easy as leaning the wooden ladder up against the wall. Now if you want to take it a step further, you can add another layer of decor to continue building dynamic design. Decorate the ladder with throws or even hang art from them, the options can be as creative as you are (or, realistically, what you find on Pinterest). If you’re handy enough you can even convert a wooden ladder into a makeshift shelf. Just be careful what you choose to display, we can’t imagine those will be the sturdiest of shelves!

Take a look at what these designers have done and how they have decorated these spaces with wooden ladders. Plus let’s not forget, they’re a great excuse to go antique hunting. Oops, did we just plant that seed into your mind? Happy hunting!
Coastal home with a natural and white decor style Rustic beach house with plenty of eclectic decor

:: Fall Table Decorations ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal cottage fall table decorGet your dining table ready and decorated for the fall! Enlist the help of a couple fall style staples when decorating your table this year. Grab a few pumpkins or gourds and bring the festive feels onto the table. Round the fall feels up with cozy, cottage inspired centerpieces that use antique candle holders topped with candlestick candles that provide ambience for the table. Not looking to heat things up that much? Decorate the dining table with rustic, weathered wood accessories to really sell the cozy cottage look. Take a look at what these designers have done to style their tables with beautiful fall decor. Get inspired and get decorating this fall!
Fall inspired table decor Fall table centerpieces for the dinning room

:: Fall Coastal Home Decor Pins ::


Monday Pins

Bright, rustic beach inspired welcome in a coastal homeMonday is here and that means it’s time for coastal home pins! This week we’re feeling inspired by all the fall decor. Maybe you’ll notice in these pins. Okay, you’ll definitely notice. We’re talking extra cozy details, rustic inspired styling, cute pumpkins and festive gourds! Get those pin buttons ready because we have five, very fall decor inspired pins for your Pinterest boards! Get your week started in the season of fall!

Check out the Tuvalu Home Pinterest boards to find inspiring coastal home decor and more!

Coastal home decorated with fall details Coastal home with fall decor mixed into the details Cozy nautical inspired bedroom with a beach rustic style Rustic style and design in a coastal entryway

:: Getting Cozy With Reclaimed Wood ::


Tuesday Tips

Beyond cute and cozy room with relcaimed wood walls and a hammock ready for a napAre you looking to get cozy for the up coming cold months? Then here’s how you do it – reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is ultimate in cozy. Think about it, it gives us those rustic feels that we associate with cabins and staying warm. Plus it looks pretty darn stylish too! The best part about the reclaimed wood is that you can paint on it. That means you can get it to match any color palette or even just have fun mixing and matching different colors to create unique looks. Take a look at how these designers have used reclaimed wood throughout these homes. Get inspired by beautiful reclaimed wood and think about designing or decorating with it in your home!
Cozy relcaimed wood accents and floor in a coastal home Reclaimed wood beams throughout a rustic inspired home Reclaimed wood in a bright kitchen

:: 5 Rustic Beach Decor Items To Add To Your Home! ::


Tuesday Tips

5 rustic beach items to add to your home tuvalu homeWe’ve got 5 rustic beach items that are the perfect blend of rustic and beach cottage decor. Each piece embodies the weathered ocean wear and tear with inspired rugged character. The rustic beach style draws from natural materials such as wicker and wood. The aged and weather appearance of the materials has rustic charm that fits perfectly in a beach house. We’ve got 5 rustic beach decor items that will get your home started in the right direction! You can find them all on our website now! Check out the list below!

1. reclaimed wooden whale wall hanging with hooks
2. arteriors bodega lamp
3. caribou square basket
4. white wood ladder
5. laurel round end table

:: Tuva-Luvs – Jaymi ::


 Thursday Tuva-Luvs

Tuvalu Home Tuva-Luvstuva-luv jaymiThis weeks Tuva-Luv is brought to us by Jaymi! One of her store favorites is the Large Mounted Antlers! The antique finish, beveled wood plaque features dimensional burlap sculpt with magnetic removable antlers. It’s also a great piece if you’re looking to add rustic charm to your home. Check out the Large Mounted Antlers on our website here!

See more of the Tuvalu Team’s Tuva-Luvs here!

:: Cozy Christmas Cabin Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

A cute, rustic cabin living room with a beautiful Christmas treeIt’s time to get seriously cozy. We’re talking curled-up-in-a-warm-blanket-next-to-the-fire-in-a-cabin-with-a-cup-of-hot-cocoa cozy. That’s what level of cozy we want to be on. Rustic cabins are basically as cozy as it gets. And if you get a chance to enjoy one this holiday season we highly recommend it. Not sure if it sounds like something you’d enjoy? Then you should probably take a look at some of these amazingly cozy and rustic spaces we’ve added to this post. They’ll make you want to jump into each space and get comfortable asap! Don’t believe us? Have a look.
Cozy cabin bedroom perfectly decorated for Chritmas Cozy, rustic cabin Christmas decor Rustic cabin Christmas decor Rustic, cabin Christmas decor with bright red accents

:: Coastal Bedrooms – Chests & Dressers ::


Tuesday’s Tips From The Pros

Coastal bedroom with rustic beach elements and decor

We’re forging ahead on our Coastal Bedroom quest and today’s post is all about chests and dressers in the bedroom. This post is going to show you all kinds of chests and dressers in hopes they will inspire you to change up your bedroom decor or bring in new pieces to your bedroom. We’re going to show you some bedrooms that use these pieces and of course we’re going to show you how to bring a little Tuvalu Home love into your bedroom.

Airy coastal bedroom with simple styleCoastal bedroom with neutral colors and fun patternsbamboo chest bedroom coastal home decor tuvaluIt never hurts to bring a little bamboo into the room and a bamboo chest will do just that.Simple coastal decorBeautiful vintage style chest in the bedroom Ocean inspired chest for the bedroom

There are subtle ways to bring coastal decor into your bedroom and there are bold, colorful ways to bring coastal decor too. We love both! We also enjoy looking at and decorating both ways. For those of you that are bold and not afraid to show off your design style this piece is for you. Our Sea Island Dresser is a beautiful piece that will bring an ocean of friends into any space.

Guest bedroom decorated with neutral colorsRustic beach style chest

You can always bring a few rustic pieces into any coastal space to help balance out the feel of the room. You never want a tsunami of coastal decor. It looks a little cheesy and we all know that starfish or mermaids can only make the space so beachy. That’s why we love rustic pieces. Find these looks and more at Tuvalu Home!