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:: 3 Tips For A Cozy Living Room ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal cottage living room looking extra cozyThere are few things better than a cozy living room. Thats why if you want to make your living room nice and cozy we have a couple tips for you. Grab your favorite blanket, snuggle up and keep reading!

1. Space To Relax

One thing you want in your cozy living room is dedicated space to relax in. That means once you’re wrapped up in your warmest blanket you won’t have to move to get out of someone’s way or have people climbing over you. The last thing you want is to be playing musical chairs and constantly moving. Plan for your living room’s natural movement throughout the space. Don’t make it difficult for people to get in and out of the area while trying to relax.

2. Incorporate Color Layers

When we think of layers we instantly think throw blankets and pillows. These add the different textures and charm to the space which is definitely a fun part a cozy living room. Another way to play with the space visually is to use contrasting colors. We’re talking dark blue pillows on white sofa and vice versa. This adds a color layer that grabs your attention and pair with textures can create the ultimate cozy cottage space.

3. Use Natural Elements

Bring in natural materials such as wood, bamboo or jute to give the space that organic feel. These elements are tuned into nature and create a wholesome feeling in a cozy space. They add the character and dynamic traits that connect our bodies to the outside world.   Cozy coastal cottage style living room Cozy coastal living room with modern styles Set of chairs in a cozy coastal living room

:: Stay Warm Around The Fireplace ::


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Clean coastal living room with a touch of modern styleIt’s been so cold this winter and it’s time to get warm. Cue the fireplace! Throw a couple logs in the fireplace to get the home nice and toasty. It’s a great way to get cozy and warm without having to break the bank.

With the fireplace being in the living room it becomes a focal point that is easy to design around. Place a basket filled with comfy throws and a couple pillows around the fireplace to add decor to the space. They will also help keep you warm while the fire gets started!

Today we’ve grabbed a couple of our favorite fireplaces to motivate you guys to get yours fired up. Now all you’ll need is a hot cup of tea or some hot cocoa! Stay warm friends!

Coastal living room with cute small fireplace Coastal living with a cottage beach house vibe Cozy coastal living room with bohemian design pieces

:: Does Your Living Room Flow? ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal cottage with noticable texturesWhat is flow? Flow is the ease of movement through a space. It means we aren’t tripping over ottomans, weaving betweens chairs or scooting around coffee tables when we try to move through a living room.

There is no reason your living room should not flow.

If it does not flow it typically means one of two things. First, there’s just too much stuff. Get rid of what is unnecessary. Store it, sell it or donate it. Second, you didn’t plan. You should always know your measurements. Know the measurements of the space, the furniture you’re trying to put in the space and the negative space.

Negative space is the area you actually live in. It’s the space between the coffee table and sofa where your legs go. It’s the space that you use to float that pouf between your chairs and sofa. When you plan the space for actual room to function and live in you will find the flow throughout the space.Eclectic coastal living room with tall ceilings making it feel very open Modern coastal living room Open coastal living room with modern and cottage style

:: Coastal Coffee Table Trays ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Bright coastal living room with a coffee table tray on an ottoman style coffee tableLooking for a simple addition to your coastal coffee table? Then add a coffee table tray! These are the perfect pieces for the coffee table. They build on the style in the living room by adding another layer to the space. It’s also a great way to keep those accessories or magazines in one place!

A coffee table tray can add style, purpose and texture. It’s the triple threat! It can add a clean style line in a modern coastal living room or serve as a place to put those stunning coffee table books and it can even add texture to the space if you choose a wood style tray.
Coastal coffee table tray acessories Modern coastal living room with minimal decor and a coffee table tray with accessories

:: In Love With Built-In Shelves ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal decor details on built-in shelvesWe’re loving these built-in shelves! Who doesn’t like more storage? We know we do! We’re always wishing we had more space for all the things in the stores and in our homes. This thought got our brains thinking about extra storage and creative ways to maximize the space we have. So naturally we hit the boards in search of some inspiration and now we’re sharing some of our favorites!

We adore and swoon over these built-ins. They make us kind of – okay they really make us – want to tear into some walls and start a new project. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. Until then we’ll just dream and share some beautiful built-in shelves we have found.

What do you guys think? Are you in need of built in shelves? Share some of your thoughts or favorite built in’s with us! We’d love to see them!Coastal living room with cozy built-in shelves Large coral pieces displayed on built-in shelvesCoastal kids bedroom with built-in shelvesCoastal nook with built-in shelves and seating creating a perfect a space

:: Anchor A Coastal Living Room With Furniture ::


Tuesday Tips

A coastal living room with fun, electic decorThe living room is an essential room in every home. It gets used daily and is often one of the most seen rooms in the house. That means design in the living room is crucial. One way to ensure design success in the living room is to properly anchor the room. Anchoring is just a fancy term that refers to pulling the room together and there are many ways to anchor a room. One of the most known ways to anchor a room is to use a rug, or rugs, but one of the beautiful things about design is how there are more than one way to do things.

One of the best way to anchor a room using furniture is to use a neutral colored sofa and matching chairs. There are two reason why they should be neutral colored and these pieces specifically. First, these pieces in neutral colors are important because they are going to be large pieces that every living room needs. They will take up space and will stand out if they are a bright, loud color. Second, the neutral colors allow you to build, layer and design on top of them. Set bright red pillows on the sofa to match the red striped rug you lay or the red side table you set in between your neutral colored chairs.

By using these pieces and neutral colors it allows the eyes to see them, but not fixate on them and move onto the more important design elements of the living room. Also, if you have the space, you can use two neutral colored sofas to anchor the space and now your chair options are as open as the color palette you choose.

We’ve gathered a few images to give you a visual of what we’re talking about. Each image shows a beautiful, coastal living room that is anchored by furniture. These spaces are anchored by furniture and allow the designer to decorate the rest of the room as they please. Have a look, take notes and be inspired to try this technique in your home.
Coastal living room with electic patterns and decor Coastal living room with fun and colorful patterns Coastal living room with small accent decor pieces Coastal living room with white sofa and chairs and colorful decor

:: 3 Easy Tips To A Kid Friendly Living Room ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal living room ready to take on the familyChildren play a large part when it comes to home design. Designing for the kids is completely different than designing for an empty nest, especially when it comes to younger kids. The way you shop for furniture and accessories will be and is completely different. That’s why we have 3 easy tips for you on how to design a kid friendly living room! We want to get you started on the right foot. Hopefully we can get you thinking about a few key design points when it comes to decorating with kids in mind.

1. Upholstery that can take a beating.

The sofa and the chairs are going into battle. It’s furniture versus children and the kids have the upper hand. The upholstery will be jumped on, spilled on and dirtied up. Invest in materials that can stand the abuse and can be easily cleaned. If you can only get one, choose the latter of the two. One choice to consider is leather. Leather can stand up to the abuse and can be cleaned fairly easy. Leather isn’t your style? Start looking into slipcovers – now. They will become your best friends when the messes come. Just pull them off and wash them, Life can be that easy sometimes.

2. Pick out a strong coffee table.

This is a must! You NEED a coffee table that will last. This is going to be a crucial piece in the living room. The kids will use it for many things and you’ll be extremely thankful you picked out a good, sturdy coffee table. It will be used as a place to eat, a place to play, a place for crafts and many other activities. Do it right the first time and get a solid, reliable coffee table.

3. Choose a wipe worthy paint.

Not all paint is created equal. You find this out when you have kids. Some how, some way, it all ends up on the walls. Researchers still have no idea how this happens and will forever be a mystery. It’s truly inevitable which means you need to cover the walls with paint that can stand a deep cleaning. Look into paint that can hold up with a thorough wipe down and won’t fade after one clean. It also doesn’t hurt to keep a little extra touch up paint handy, but let’s hope it never gets to that point.

coastal living room inviting you to come in and relax coastal living room ready to entertain and provide comfort coastal living room with a great view!coastal living room with texture enhancing details

:: Spring Sofa Slip ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal living room with spring colorsWant a quick and easy way to bring a little more spring into the home? Then we’ve got just the tip for you!

Go out and find yourself a nice spring colored slip for the sofa! It’s a large piece of furniture that easily stands out when you put some color on it. Look for bright and fun spring colors or maybe playful pattern! The choice is yours! And when spring is over, just pull the slip off. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

If you want more pastel ideas and inspirations for this spring, be sure to check out our Perfectly Pastel Post Here!
Pinks in a coastal living room Pastel colors in a cottage style living room



:: Open & Airy ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal living room with natural light and natural inspired decorWe think it’s time you open up the doors and windows to create a laid back, open feeling in your home. Spring starts to bring us weather that we want to joy outside, so why not create a space that brings in the fresh air and opens up the home to the world to do that?

Creating this feeling isn’t just for the blessed that have beach front property and the luxury of an open floor plans paired with high ceilings. We aren’t going to lie to you guys, that definitely helps – like it really helps. But what about those who aren’t that fortunate? How do you create this in your home? There a couple ways to achieve this feeling in a not so open floor plan home. It’s actually a lot more achievable than you’d think!

First, let as much light in as possible by opening the windows. This will help get fresh air in the space and create a brighter space. It seems so easy and cliche, but really it helps.

Second, keep your decor simple – think essentials only. This cuts the clutter and makes more space which creates room and empty space to help open up the home. Less equals more! Simple!

Third, decorate with lighter colors. This is a must. Darker colors will make a space feel smaller. This isn’t always the case, but for this style it is (if you must use dark colors think of colors in weights and go heavy to light). Neutral colors and lighter colors are your friends and will help make the space feel open and fresh.

As always, we won’t leave you guys empty handed without any visuals. These beautiful spaces are what we’re talking about. Check out the work of these designers and use them as inspiration to create the home you want!
Open coastal living room Coastal cottage living room with a light airy feelLarge, open kitchen with plenty of ceiling space



:: 3 Easy Ways To Decorate The Living Room With Bamboo! ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal living room with white bamboo chairsA little bamboo goes a long way in a coastal home. It’s always fitting and, let’s face it, it just works. Bamboo brings great texture to the space as well as color, whether it be the natural, neutral color of bamboo or a fun, bold color that pops. The versatility is great!

Today we’re sharing 3 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Living Room With Bamboo! As much as we’d like to suggest putting that bamboo floor in, that’s a spend venture. Try these 3 tips instead!

1. Bamboo Chairs

Chairs are probably the easiest easy way to bring bamboo into the home. It’s as simple as picking them up and setting them down. Done. They also offer a ton of variety. There are so many styles, shapes and colors to choose from you can’t go wrong! They’re also extremely easy to remove when it’s time to mix things up and try new pieces.

2. Bamboo Coffee/Side Tables

Coffee tables and side tables can be used in multiple ways throughout the home. The coffee table can be the focus and building point for the entire living room and set the tone or feel of the space. It can also be an accent piece that plays the simple role of, you guessed it, the coffee table. The side table(s) can add a little touch of bamboo that perfectly compliments the space with it’s color or texture. There’s a lot you can with your bamboo table options!

3. Bamboo Shades.

Bamboo shades can be the piece that ties the space together. It extends the decor to the windows/walls and accents your coastal home decor perfectly. Not only will they help with those bright days, it shows that you’ve got an eye for details and no space in the room is left untouched. Plus, they totally belong in any beach house and drive that coastal style home (pun intended).
Coastal living room with a bamboo coffee table Eclectic coastal space with a bamboo chair Coastal living room with bamboo shades Beach house inspired living room Modern coastal space with eclectic decor Coastal living room with bamboo made coffee table