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:: Coastal Living’s Ultimate Beach House 2012 ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal Living has designed their Ultimate Beach House of 2012. This year it’s a beautiful home in located in Panama City Beach, Florida. This house is refreshing and done very clean. Not like clean or dirty, but very clean lines and clean design. They decided to go with a simple, almost minimalist decor approach. The design style of Erika Powell from Urban Grace really shows in the design of the space. Some of the rooms have an almost modern look to them, but coastal elements keep it teetering on the edge of both styles. Other rooms look like they came straight out of every woman’s coastal dream home. Each space is very simple. No overdone or unnecessary pieces are carelessly or thoughtlessly slapped into the space. Each room is well thought out and planned.

The general color scheme of the house is hues of green offset with a neutral palette. There are some rooms, like the game room below and part of the kitchen (not pictured), that have the good old fashioned hue of coastal blue, but for the most part the home is centered around hues of green. It’s always fun and interesting to see homes that use different colors instead of the beloved blues. Overall this house is amazing and done very well. I can’t believe it took us this long to actually say something about it! What do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments or drop us on line on twitter! Tweet us @tuvaluhome. Check out the home in it’s entirety on CL’s site here.

:: Dash & Albert x Lonny ::


Feature Friday

Dash & Albert rugs are featured in the June/July issue of Lonny Magazine. We love Dash & Albert rugs here at Tuvalu and carry a wide variety of them online and in the store. Swing down to the shop and check out some of the rugs or come hang out with us. Browse Dash & Albert online! Happy Friday everyone!