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:: Add Acrylic To Your Home ::


Coastal details, hardwood floors, steel and acrylic chairs.Acrylic decor is working it’s way into coastal design and we love the look it gives. It adds a new depth to the textures that are already in the space while giving it a unique twist. It can be used with most coastal styles, but the decor pairs best in a eclectic or modern coastal style. Who’s going to stop us from using it in any of the other coastal styles? You can incorporate it into your home and style in many different ways as well. An easy way to add the style is with acrylic chairs. They’re quick, easy and can be moved into any space in the home. We’ve gathered a few pictures of spaces that use acrylic decor for you guys. You can see what these designers have done and get an idea of how you can use the style in your homes.
Acrylic coffee table filled with shells and driftwood in coastal living room Coastal living room with an acrylic base coffee tableAcrylic chairs in a coastal kitchen Eclectic coastal space with colorful decor and an acrylic chair