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:: Do You Even Bamboo? ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Bamboo furniture in a tropical inspired homeBamboo decor is a staple in coastal style and coastal homes. It can be found in almost every beach cottage because of it’s practicality and tropical nature. It’s no surprise to see designers using bamboo in a space and getting in touch with their coastal roots.

Bamboo brings a beachy vibe to any space and definitely lets that person know exactly what kind of home they’re in. Plus it can come in any color or size. Painted bamboo has really opened up the design options and lets us go wild! We love the look of bamboo and it will always be a coastal home classic.

What are your thoughts on bamboo? Do you use it in your home? Or have you guys moved onto to something new? Let us know! And don’t forget to enjoy these beautiful spaces these designers have put together using bamboo!
Coastal dining room with white bamboo chairsCoastal furniture in an outdoor spaceCoastal lounge chair made of bamboo in the living roomColorful bamboo trolley bar cart

:: 3 Easy Ways To Decorate The Living Room With Bamboo! ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal living room with white bamboo chairsA little bamboo goes a long way in a coastal home. It’s always fitting and, let’s face it, it just works. Bamboo brings great texture to the space as well as color, whether it be the natural, neutral color of bamboo or a fun, bold color that pops. The versatility is great!

Today we’re sharing 3 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Living Room With Bamboo! As much as we’d like to suggest putting that bamboo floor in, that’s a spend venture. Try these 3 tips instead!

1. Bamboo Chairs

Chairs are probably the easiest easy way to bring bamboo into the home. It’s as simple as picking them up and setting them down. Done. They also offer a ton of variety. There are so many styles, shapes and colors to choose from you can’t go wrong! They’re also extremely easy to remove when it’s time to mix things up and try new pieces.

2. Bamboo Coffee/Side Tables

Coffee tables and side tables can be used in multiple ways throughout the home. The coffee table can be the focus and building point for the entire living room and set the tone or feel of the space. It can also be an accent piece that plays the simple role of, you guessed it, the coffee table. The side table(s) can add a little touch of bamboo that perfectly compliments the space with it’s color or texture. There’s a lot you can with your bamboo table options!

3. Bamboo Shades.

Bamboo shades can be the piece that ties the space together. It extends the decor to the windows/walls and accents your coastal home decor perfectly. Not only will they help with those bright days, it shows that you’ve got an eye for details and no space in the room is left untouched. Plus, they totally belong in any beach house and drive that coastal style home (pun intended).
Coastal living room with a bamboo coffee table Eclectic coastal space with a bamboo chair Coastal living room with bamboo shades Beach house inspired living room Modern coastal space with eclectic decor Coastal living room with bamboo made coffee table

:: Tuva-Luvs – Franny ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

Tuvalu Home Tuva-Luvstuva-luv franny windsor beverage stand tuvalu home coastal decorThis Thursday Tuva-Luv comes from Franny! Franny’s pick is the windsor beverage stand! Perfect for entertaining and creating a home bar to serve friends and family. Inspired by 18th century British antiques, the windsor beverage stand features a hand-rubbed, beautiful tortoise finish. Get a closer look at the windsor beverage stand online at Tuvalu Home webstore!

:: Creating Island Vibes With Bamboo ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Bamboo mirror with coastal detailsGet into the island mindset by decorating with bamboo! Real bamboo or faux bamboo, it provides a fun, tropical look for the home. Pick from adding a few bamboo accents to enlisting larger pieces to really sell the island look. Check out what these designers have done with bamboo. Get ideas, get inspired and start using bamboo to create a blissful island feel in your home!
Bamboo side console with nautical and coastal details Beautiful entry with coatsal details, bamboo seatee and beach ready accessories Coastal bedroom with bamboo lined ceiling Coastal Dining area with bamboo chairs

:: Spotted! Palm Beach Lantern ::


Feature Friday

spotted palm beach lantern tuvalu homeWe spotted the Palm Beach Lantern by Currey & Company in Coastal Living! This beautiful lantern is the perfect piece for any coastal home. It’s clean and simple design works well in any space, plus the bamboo and iron blend effortlessly to complete the look. If you want to add the Palm Beach Lantern to your home you can buy it here! Happy Friday!

:: Bring Out The Bamboo ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

It’ summer time! So why not incorporate some bamboo into your home? Bring a little beach back to your home! We got three solid bamboo pieces that would make a great addition to any space. If you just want to add a touch of bamboo, then the mirror we’re showing you below will work out great for you!

Looking for a  bamboo mirror?? Well we’ve got it! This mirror works great anywhere in the home. Want to get a little crazy? Bring it outside and mount it in a totally different environment. The choice is yours! Plus it comes in a variety of colors! Snag the Chloe Mirror and get your Bamboo Accents Started Here!

Want to recreate this look in your home? Well let us start you off with the perfect bamboo desk. These have been showing up in all shapes, sizes and colors. Get your hands on one and start bringing the coastal look to your home. They can also be used in a couple ways. It can be used for its actually purpose, which is a desk and then you have yourself a cute mini office in your home or they can be used like semi-replacement side console. Perfect size for any apartment or tight squeeze! Check out our Bamboo Desk Here!

It’s time to get your chest on! We cannot forget about the bedroom. A bamboo chest will continue to bring your coastal theme throughout your home and let’s not forget the storage space. Let’s be honest, we all have stuff and it needs to be put some where! The chest will also give you more opportunities to decorate and bring other design pieces into the space. Shop our Love Letters Bamboo Chest Here!

:: Painted Bamboo Chairs ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Every home and every space can use a little pop of color. Whether it be a subtle pop that your eye sneaks off to real quick or a pop that leaves you starring while forgetting everything else is in the room. Lately what we noticed trending are bright colored chairs. We’ve seen all kinds of styles and designs, but what really caught our attention were painted bamboo chairs. They’re right up our alley! Bamboo chairs go hand in hand with coastal-beach themed decor, so if we can elaborate and put a new twist on them, why not? We found our favorites from around the web and we want to share them with you. Try to not to focus on the space that the pieces are set in because not all of them are quite our style. Instead focus on the bamboo chairs because that’s what we’re trying to show you.

While looking through pictures of painted bamboo chairs we stumbled upon our Bamboo Wing Back Chairs. Check them out here and add them to you home now!

:: Bamboo Guest Toothbrushes ::


Feature Friday

In the june edition of Country Living magazine you will see Izola’s bamboo toothbrushes featured in the ‘heart of the country’ section in their magazine. These toothbrushes are made from sustainable bamboo and are great for when you have guests stay at your house. So this weekend when your guest realizes that they forgot their toothbrush, guess who’s got them covered? You do!

So come down to the shop and pick some up or grab these online on our online store! Buy the bamboo guest toothbrushes here! Happy Friday!

:: Have You Seen The New Lonny?! ::


What’s a Lonny, you say? Well, we’re so glad you asked! Over here we love pouring ourselves over new decor magazines. Named after the hometowns of its two creators (LONdon and New York), Lonny is one of the more lovable web-based shelter mags. We’re very excited to say that after a few month hiatus, Lonny is back in action! This comes on the heels of the announcement that the previously kaput Domino Magazine, a Conde Nast publication, comes back to newsstands mid April.

The content is well curated and includes house tours of public figures and nobody’s, alike. Some may say the style in general leans a little “East Coast” for our West Coast minds, but we welcome inspiration from anywhere! What do you think? Are you in love with Lonny?!


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