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:: Spotted! Iron Counter Stool ::


Feature Friday

spotted! iron counter stoolFound a set bar stools that look familiar in this month’s Country Living! Yes, we’re talking about the iron counter stool and it’s the perfect addition to any coastal kitchen. It offers you the perfect high seating for your island or bar and adds a great design piece that serves a purpose. Their simple, metal design also allows the piece to compliment the space without being a large or intrusive eye soar. So pick up the latest Country Living to see this beautiful kitchen they’re featured in and head over to our online store here to add this iron counter stool to your kitchen today! Happy Friday!


:: Kitchen Bar Stools – The 3 Essential Questions ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal-kitchen-bar-stools-home-decor-tuvaluBar stools are a great way to bring people to the kitchen without bringing them into the kitchen. It gives your family, or guests, a place in the kitchen without them getting in the way. Bar stools can make or break your island or kitchen bar and before you buy the wrong ones we have three questions that you should know the answer to. They are:
1. How high or low is my bar or island?

2. How much space do I have?

3. How often are my bar stools going to be used?

Once you can answer these three questions you are ready to start looking for the perfect bar stools. It’s pointless, not to mention a huge waste of your time, to go out looking for bar stools that won’t fit because they’re too high and too wide. Also, if you know your stools are going to be used daily you should buy some that can handle the physical demand. If you’re in need of some bar stools or want to get some ideas, jump over to our web store and start looking here.

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