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:: Cool Off This Summer With A Nice Drink ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal bar area setup on a side table ready to entertain

Cool off this summer with a chilled, refreshing drink. Whether it be an ice cold lemonade or your favorite summer cocktail, there’s always time to relax and take a load off. One way to make sure you can do just that is to have your home bar set up and ready to serve. It’s the perfect thing for those summer get togethers.

Set it up outside in the backyard and let the party begin! Check out some of these beautiful home bars and see what you should be doing this summer!

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Cute bistro set up with drinks for the party in a coastal home Outdoor bistro setup on a coastal patio

:: Backyard Bar Stools ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal backyard space with bar stools and dining spaceComplete your coastal outdoor bar with comfortable and stylish seating. Part of creating an outdoor space to entertain is to provide your guests a common place to gather and social. What better way to achieve this than utilizing an outdoor bar.

Serve drinks or food and give your guests a place to come together for conversation and good times. Give them a place to kick back and relax white they sip on their drink. Queue the bar chairs and stools. We’ve gathered a couple great examples of what your coastal outdoor space can look like.Coastal home patio with bar stools outside Simple wood bar stools on the patio of a coastal home

:: Spotted! Coastal Home Bar Tables & Bistros ::


Feature Friday

spotted coastal home bar table and bistroGet your home ready for the summer with a coastal home bar! Add a bar area in your home to make sure summer entertaining goes off without a hitch. They say it’s always best to be prepared and to stay cool in order to beat the heat. What better way than to have cool drinks waiting for you and your guests on a hot day?

Find the perfect space in your home to place a bar table or serving cart that’s stocked with all your summer drinks needs. Find bar tables, bistros and serving carts online at Tuvalu Home!

:: Tuva-Luvs – Cheryl ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

Tuvalu Home Tuva-Luvstuva-luv yay boom cheers shot glasses cheryl tuvalu homeThis week we’ve got a Tuva-Luv from Cheryl! One of Cheryl’s pick is the yay, boom, cheers set of shot glasses! This set of shot glasses is perfect for getting the party started! Cheers to a fun time with these confetti encrusted, gold worded, shot glasses. They come as a set of 3 so your friends won’t be left out! Check out the yay, boom, cheers shot glasses online at Tuvalu Home!

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:: Share The Holiday Spirits! ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal bar cart out on the patio enjoying the ocean viewsNo holiday is complete without a glass of wine, or three! Make sure the bar is stocked with beverages for all and for all the holiday madness because sometimes wine just isn’t enough. Cover the basics with your home bar. There’s no need to stock every wine or liquor in existence, you aren’t a bar, but you should have a few go-to’s and the tools to mix drinks properly. Once you’ve set them up with their first drink they know exactly where to find their next one. Make it easy for yourself to stay on top of your host duties these holidays by taking a few extra minutes to plan and prepare. Take a look at these bar spaces and serving carts to get inspiration for your home bar space. Maybe pick a drink theme  for your party or just let guests get after it. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourselves responsibly! 

Stock up on barware accessories here and make sure to check out our bar carts and serving tables here!

Coastal bar stocked with spirits and beach inspired decor Eclectic bar with a healthy mix of wine and spirits decorated with coastal accessories Fun mix of drinks in a coastal inspired bar space Minimal bar cart in a modern coastsal home Nautical inspired bar space with drinks for all

:: Cheers To The Weekend Pins! ::


Feature Friday

Coastal bar vignetteThe weekend is here and it’s time to have fun! We think you should cut loose this weekend and celebrate with a drink. Whether it be a nice mixed cocktail, a cool glass of wine or even an iced lemonade, take advantage of the weekend weather to enjoy a drink. This thought has inspired us to grab a few photos of some beautiful bar set ups and share them with you guys for this week’s Weekend Pins post. Check out what these designers have done with their bar space and enjoy the weekend! Happy Friday!

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Coastal bar decorated with corals, sea fans and vintage sea glass bottles Coastal bar details. Grab a drink! Coastal drinks with a view! Outdoor coastal bar area