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:: Bundle Up With A Blanket ::


Tuesday Tips

Bundle up with a comfy, warm blanket this fallWhat if someone told you that you could always be comfortable? Well, you can. You can always be comfortable, that is a fact. And what’s the best, easiest and cheapest way to stay warm this fall and winter? A nice, cozy throw or big blanket. Something you can snuggle up with and bundle the loved ones in to keep warm. Do yourself a favor and invest in a couple warm blankets and throws before you need one.

What’s the difference between a blanket and a throw? The difference is in size. Blankets are larger than throws. It’s that easy.

Stay warm and remember, never settle for anything that isn’t comfortable.
Cozy looking blankets ready to kepe you warm

:: 3 Quick Tips To Beat The Cold ::


Tuesday Tips

A nautical, rustic style space with a warm fire

During winter it can get a little too cold for comfort and there’s only so much of that you can handle. That’s why we’ve got 3 quick tips to help you beat the cold. Check them out below!

1. Curl Up With A Blanket

It’s cozy and, more importantly, warm. A blanket is a must-have for the cold season. Grab a nice, fluffy throw to drape over yourself when you’re relaxing at home and you’ll forget it’s even cold.

2. Huddle Around The Fire

A fire is a great way to heat up the room and create a cozy space. Get yourself nice and toasty by the flames to give yourself some relief from the chills of winter. Did someone say S’mores? Oh, no? Just checking.

3. Grab A Warm Drink

There’s nothing like a hot drink to help battle the cold. Whether it’s tea, coffee or hot cocoa, it will keep you warm and leave you with a smile. Stay warm!

Coastal day bed with a warm throw ready for the cold weather Coastal living room with a cozy cottage look, a throw and a puppy to keep you warm Simple coastal home decor Time to entertain with tea in a coastal style home

:: Cozy Coastal Monday Pins ::


Cozy beach cottage with plush poufs and pillowsIt’s time to cozy up and get warm! We’re talking warm throws, extra pillows and your favorite spot to relax. It’s safe to say that there will probably be a little Pinterest involved as well. And in the off chance there is, we’ve gathered a few cozy pins for you guys to pin on your boards. All the photos we’ve found emphasis the cozy coastal life. Each space begs for you to jump in and get comfortable. Get those pin buttons ready and start pinning. Enjoy the rest of your week! Stay cozy!

If you want more pins from Tuvalu Home you can follow us on Pinterest here!
Cozy coastal bedroom ready to keep you warm during the cold nights Cozy coastal nook provides the perfect place to curl up with a hot cup of tea and your favorite book Cozy coastal porch space ready to take on the cool, fall evenings Cozy, nautical living room with vintage bouys and wicker baskets for storage hidden under the sofa

:: Spotted! Pendleton Blankets ::


Feature Friday

spotted pendleton blanketsAs we move out of summer and into autumn it’s no surprise we’re going to find Pendleton Blankets popping up in magazines. The cool nights are are fought off with these classic, wool blankets. Pendleton Blankets are a good way to add color, pattern and texture to any space. Drape them over the sofa for those cool evenings in the living room or use them to add some extra flare and warmth in the bedroom. If you’re interested in picking up a few Pendleton Blankets you can find more styles and colors on our online store here!

:: Cozy Coastal Weekend Pins ::


Cozy coastal living room with coastal detailsWe’re getting cozy this weekend because we’ve got clouds and chance of rain this weekend. It’s time to get out the throws, the blankets, light the fireplace and live on Pinterest. That’s our plan for this weekend’s weather, maybe mix a little Netflix in there too. Well, maybe a lot of Netflix, but that’s what rainy weather’s for! We’ll let you get back to binge watching after we show you some cozy weekend pins! Get those pin buttons ready and start pinning to those boards! Enjoy the great indoors this weekend and stay warm!
Cozy guest room with twin beds and plenty of comfy blankets in a coastal home Cozy, coastal cottage style living room with a neutral pallete Modern coastal bedroom with beautiful, eclectic detailsCoastal kids bedroom with cozy bunks and cute children toys

:: Our Navy Throw is Featured on Mom.me! ::


mom-candy-wednesday-navy-throw-tuvalu-homeWe’re featured in the Mom Candy section on Mom.me! They selected our navy throw and we couldn’t agree with their choice more! Check it out on their website here and shop for the navy throw on our web store here!

:: Get That Bedroom Nice & Cozy! ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal bedroom decorated with a white pallete and rustic inspired decorIt’s starting to cool down here in Laguna and we even got some rain this past weekend! It was a nice change of pace from the heat. We were bundled up  in our throws and had our warm tea within arms each at all times. With the temperature dropping more and more each day, we want to make sure our bedroom is prepared for the cold weather. That means extra bedding, warm rugs for our toesies, lots of pillows and a night stand with plenty of room. During the fall and winter seasons we want to be able to cuddle up, turn on Netflix and stay cozy in bed all day. Oh, and for no one to judge us for wanting/doing just that.

So make sure you get your bedroom ready for the cold days ahead. Let Tuvalu Home help you! We’ve got a quick checklist for you with links to everything you need for the bedroom.

Cozy bedroom checklist:

1. Extra blankets, lots of blankets!

2. More pillows! And then some more pillows!

3. A soft, warm rug. No cold feet!

4. Nightstand surface space! Those books, drinks, and candles need room too!

Coastal bedroom with cozy bedding inviting you to stay the day in bedBeautiful white, coastal bedroom with elegant accents Cozy bedroom retreat in a coastal cottage Cozy looking beach cottage bedroom with fun patterned bedding

:: Time To Layer up! ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

1ec0e0f9c072537a17681b4682994f51As the temperature cools down the closer we get towards winter, we want to make sure we’re staying warm and cozy. How do we accomplish this? Lot’s of plush pillows and extra blankets! Don’t be afraid to bring the extras out this fall! You’ll be thanking yourself later and loving all your warmth wrapped around you!

Check out some of our throws here and don’t forget to pick up pillows here! Stay warm this fall friends! 41d041388b0e643666628a67a9e7483a 50f0deebdf29c41470da91cc9dace34d 1b707bb87f71b9d7c84a28fc24f90cb1f16462e6d225a2328e791e3b19386929