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:: Bright & Bold Pillows ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Bright and bold pillows have been popping up left and right! They bring lots of color and let you get wild without going overboard. We aren’t quite sure how we feel about neon green or Barbie pink walls, maybe if they’re just a small accent wall. Pillows on the other hand, bring them on! It can bring life and pop to any dull room. Plus it allows you to experiment with prints and patterns you normally wouldn’t think of. If it doesn’t work you just pull the pillow off and it’s gone. If it’s a reupholstered sofa or freshly painted wall then that’s a chore and a headache. Pillows are easy and can be switched out even easier. Bring out different pillows for different seasons if you want or maybe it’s time to switch things up in the space and one easy way to do that is with some bright pillows. So get out there and start shopping ladies! Time to bring some life back to your home! Start you search with us at www.tuvaluhome.com!