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:: Tuva-Luvs – Jaymi ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

It’s Thursday and it’s time for our weekly Tuva-Luv! This store favorite comes from Jaymi and her pick is the medium grey olive bottle! This bottle is a beautiful antique, grey glass bottle that is perfect for any coastal home! The bottle adds texture and an organic feel that fits well with the coastal style. Decorate it with wild grass or let it stand on it own, the grey olive bottle works. Shop the medium grey olive bottle now!

Do you want more Tuvalu Home store favorites? Then head to the Tuva-Luvs Pages!

:: Painted Jars & Bottles ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Beauitful painted jars in different hues of bluePainted bottles and jars are a great way to add style and color to your home. You can use them to bring more coastal colors, shades and hues to a space or to compliment your existing color palette. It’s also a popular DIY project too. It’s a pretty simple one as well. First, find a bottle or jar you would like to paint. Second, find the color you wish to paint your bottles or jars. Third, paint the bottle or jar and apply as many coats as needed for your desired look. That’s it! Three simple steps and you have your new painted bottles or jars! Check out these painted bottles and jars to get inspiration on how to make yours!
Coastal details with coral decor and painted bottles and jars Painted bottles and jars in light hues Painted jars and rustic decor White painted bottles used for coastal decor

:: Spotted! Glass Bottles ::


Feature Friday

spotted! glass bottles tuvalu homeWe spotted a few beautiful glass bottles in this month’s Country Living! We love decorating with glass bottles! They add a coastal flare to any home, especially when you decorate with sea glass bottles. They gorgeous blues, greens and other colors come in every shape and size which makes them handy in any space. Use them for storage, as a vase or just set them out as is, the glass bottle is a versatile piece! Check out some of the glass bottle we carry in our online store here!

:: Spotted! Green Olive Bottle ::


Feature Friday

spotted-green-olive-bottle-tuvalu-homeWe found one of our all time favorite pieces in the latest issue of Country Living! This is not the first or last time you will see this bottle on our blog. Seriously, it’s been spotted before. We love it and how perfectly it works in coastal design. It’s an easy piece to decorate with because it embodies the coastal style in so many ways. Add one of our favorites to your home! Pick it up on our web store here!

:: Vintage Accessories ::


Tuesday’s Tip From The Pros

Last Tuesday we talked about vintage signs. If you missed that post, you can check it out here. We talked about a very specific design element, but this time we’re going general and talking about our favorite things – accessories! We stay true to our coastal roots, but we love vintage and rustic influenced design elements because it is possible to go overboard with too many sea shells. Plus it’s fun to go hunting for pieces and it adds that timeless character to any room. No space is complete until you add those final touches to it and we want to show you how you can do that. Whether your just starting out and looking for that reference point or you just need a few ideas to help you finish that vintage vignette, we’ve got your back! In this post we’ll show you some beautiful vignettes, a few vintage pieces that you can shop Tuvalu for now and what not to do when going for a vintage theme.

We love vintage style clocks, something about them is just timeless… Corny! But seriously, we love clocks and they can really finish any space. They can be hung on in that high room to fill that vertical space or they can be hung right love your side console to complete your vignette. Either way we feel like they are a great piece!

Vintage Seltzer Bottles are great pieces that you can put in just about any space and they’ll fit right in. They bring vintage and uniqueness to any space without going over board. No one wants to look like they’re trying to hard.

You can never go wrong with antique picture frames. They are wonderful because you can go two ways with them. One way you can go is to head down to your local thrift store, or flea market, and grab old vintage photos to put in them to keep your vintage theme going. Another way you can use them is to put your family and friends photos in them. Now-a-days you could even make vintage prints of your own photos for them!

We like the effort in trying to really go for a vintage style room, but lockers? Maybe if they were used somewhere else like the garage, but in this room they don’t work for us. Personally with that light and the heavy wood beam ceilings this remind us of a dungeon or jail cell. Those buckets in the corner add to sketchy vibes we get from this room. Let’s not do this… Ever.

At first we really really liked this vignette because of all the sail boats and ocean themed paintings. Then we looked down and saw the modern side tables, lamps and bed frame. Vintage can be infused with many different styles, but modern is just not one of them. They are extreme opposites, but not in a good way. We know, ‘break the design rules,’ but some times we have rules for a reason and here’s a perfect example why.