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:: Bring Out The Colors ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Bold coastal kitchen with fun colors and bright decorIt seems like the colors come out when the sun comes out. Summer is a good time to bring out the bright colors and bold patterns. It fits the mood and the summer vibes which we’re all about. Use bright blues, reds, greens, oranges and every other color you could want! There’s no holding back when it comes to fun colors or patterns and why not let the decor reflect that! Check out how these designers use bright colors and bold patterns to design these spaces. Get inspired and have fun with color in your home!
Bold, red accents in a beach front home Bright patterns and bold colors in a coatsal living room Turquoise and orange patterns and accents in a coatsal stule homeBright bedroom filled with lovely coastal decor and patterns

:: Coastal Moroccan Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Beautiful moroccan coastal bedroom over looking the clear blue waterMoroccan decor is bright, colorful and coastal in nature. So of course, we natural love it. It also brings a boho chic feeling without even trying. The style plays with our eyes and guides them on a tour of the space with colors and patterns. Patterns are a main theme in the Moroccan style as well. The patterns bright and bold with fun shapes.

Check out some of these Moroccan designed spaces. See how these designers paint the space with bright colors and fun patterns.
Clean moroccan coastal bedroom Coastal Moroccan Decor in the living room Modern coastal space decorated with moroccan accents Moroccan outdoor backyard space

:: 3 Quick Tips On Playing With Bright Colors ::


Tuesday Tips

bold blue accents on a white nuetral base in this cozy family roomLooking to bring more color into your home? Then you’re in the right place because we’ve got 3 quick tips on playing with bright color in your home!

1. Start with the neutral. 

If you want your bright decor to really stand out use a neutral base to let it shine. Avoid creating competition within your decor. There only needs to be one star and that’s the bright color you choose to accent.

2. Be consistent.

Use the color in every space of the home. There’s no need for every room to have large amounts of the color you choose to accent, but dropping little splashes in each room can help carry the color palette throughout the home. It keeps the design consistent and let’s your eye easily flow from one room to the next.

3. Mix it up.

Not all hues are not created equal. Use this to your design advantage by focusing on your primary colors and complimenting them with different shades of the hue. This way you can let your primary colors shine while still filling the room with more decor.

Bright colors and patterns in the bedroom with great coastal decor Brightly colored designed room with a great open feeling Coastal kitchen with a bright color block island Coral inspired bright colors and fun patterns in a coastal bedroom