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:: Coastal Bedrooms ::


Tuesday’s Tips From The Pros

Today we’re looking at some beautiful bedrooms. The bedroom is arguably one of the best rooms in the house. We love the kitchen, mostly the food, and of course our family room, but the bedroom will always be at the top. We want to inspire you today with bedrooms we like and design aspects of the bedroom we like. We’re just going to get you warmed up for next week when we show you how to redo your bedroom Tuvalu style. So hopefully you’re still in your bed and getting cozy because we wish we were!

We are envious of this space. It makes us think of driftwood or being out at sea. The tall ceilings with the rustic wood posts shaping the headboard is stunning. Not only is the headboard lined with thick wood posts, but the ceiling is too! What a great and unique idea instead of the typical crown moulding. The side table/nightstand and the wood bench in front of the bed also make great accent pieces without pushing the rustic, wood feel over the top. This is Tuvalu love.

This bedroom feels so light and airy. It’s inviting and looks relaxing. It makes you want to run and jump into the bed and forget about your worries. We also enjoy the symmetry of the room with the night stands and the lamps really bringing that aspect to the room. The rug underneath the bed leading out to the chest is a great way to add a little extra detail to the room. We like that the rug compliments the room and doesn’t stand out or clash what-so-ever. Be careful when choosing a rug that will go underneath your bed. A few things to keep in mind is the amount of space you have, your color scheme and of course quality.

We love anything that hangs, especially beds. These beds are beautiful hanging beds. From the ropes to the pillows, we love it! We like the vertical stripes on the walls as well. It gives the room an even bigger, taller feeling with the already tall feeling that the hanging ropes gave.

This room is all about the color scheme – blue and white. There’s almost too much blue and white in this bedroom, but did you notice the little touches of red in the pillows and the bedding? When you’re trying to stick to a color scheme you want to make sure you don’t go over board. It’s really easy to go over board and when you realize it, it’s usually too late. Keep your color scheme in mind when you’re putting together your bedroom, but don’t forget to bring in another color that will compliment your scheme. That’s not to say that you can’t do a color scheme without going over board. It’s possible, just harder to do.

When it comes to coastal design we all think of beach cottages filled with whites, blues and neutrals; but not all of us have that taste. This room has more pop and brings an eclectic look to the room while still infusing coastal design elements. It brings together bright prints and patterns with accessories to match. Every style is up to your interpretation and that’s how design grows and evolves. Feel free to break the rules and let your true creativity come out.

:: Dash & Albert x Lonny ::


Feature Friday

Dash & Albert rugs are featured in the June/July issue of Lonny Magazine. We love Dash & Albert rugs here at Tuvalu and carry a wide variety of them online and in the store. Swing down to the shop and check out some of the rugs or come hang out with us. Browse Dash & Albert online! Happy Friday everyone!

:: Jute Rugs ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Jute rugs are the perfect rug for any summer beach cottage or coastal inspired home. We’re all about infusing and incorporating as much of the beach lifestyle as we can into our homes. An underplayed area of any space is the floor. There’s so much potential to maximize the area and you would be silly not to. We’ve noticed that more of the summer trends have been rolling in and our favorite, the Jute Rug, is coming back in full swing. The Jute Rug is a great way to cover floor space and add some coastal love into your home. They are versatile and can be used in almost any room. They can be used as a floor covering with other rugs laid on top it or they can lay solo and bring the space together.

:: Capo Beach ::


Feature Friday

This is just a preview of the home, we have plenty more pictures for you! Look at all of the Capo Beach Home Pictures Here! Let us know what you think!

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