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:: Dipped In Color ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

coastal living cottage office with modern coastal detailsAdd some color to your home with this great painting technique! It’s big in the DIY world, but manufacturers are starting to pick up on the trend. Don’t let that discourage you from channeling your inner creativity and getting your paint on though! It’s an easy way to bring life to old pieces and a fun way to bring new pieces with color in! It’s a subtle pop of color that can go a long way in the home. Check out some of these pieces that have dipped in paint! Get some inspiration and see how you can incorporate them into your home!
Coastal wicker baskets that are dipped in paint Coatsal patio furniture with chairs that have the top dipped in bright orange Cute baskets that are dip painted Dipped stools in the bathroom

:: Spring Greens ::


What’s Trending Tuesday

Coastal living room with green details and decorGreen isn’t only showing up in gardens this spring, but in indoor and outdoor decor as well. It’s a great way to greet the season and bring some life into the home. Green hues blend effortlessly with coastal decor and allow you to use a little or a lot in a space. The versatility the colors offer are amazing! Check out what some of these designers are doing in their spaces! Coastal living room with green and white striped furniture Coastal outdoor patio decorated with green details that create a space perfect for the pup! Outdoor coastal details Rustic, coastal kitchen with green details

:: Ready For the Coastal Color of the Year? ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

e8f324880503c233613eaa7b3a58ca21According to Coastal Living and their readers (which includes us), the coastal color of 2014 is turquoise!

Are we upset about this? No way!

Turquoise is a great color and makes every space that much better! The color can be used in any room and much of it isn’t needed to make an impression. You can sprinkle a few turquoise accessories into a space and they produce a great look with little effort.

Need a little more turquoise than just a few accessories? We do too! Cover the sofa with a turquoise fabric, paint the bamboo chairs or even grab a turquoise coffee table. You’re choices are endless!

What do you guys think? Is turquoise worthy of the coastal color of the year? If not, what color would you pick? Let us know!
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:: Designing With Pep! ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

179498fe48c915178717b800e09fea4cReady to put a little pep in your home? Because these designers are! They’re using bright colors and patterns to give the space a fun look. It’s easy to take a step away from monotony, all you need is a little color! Pick out the colors your want and start decorating! Check out some these spaces and soak up the inspiration. We’re big fans of the living room posted right above here. It’s full life, color and pep! Take notes friends, this designer shows us how it’s done!

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:: The Main Points of Coastal Color ::


Tuesday Tips

We came across a great article from Coastal Living’s idea house called  7 Ways with Coastal Color and had to share it with you!  It’s a quick and easy read with pictures;  I’ll sum it up for you right here:

1. Set the tone of your home from the beginning at the entry.
2. Authentic touches, distressed or vintage pieces, can give the home a ‘lived in’ feel.
3. Use beach inspired colors and light to give an indoor room an outdoor, al fresco feeling.
4. Don’t match everything, instead create an eclectic palette throughout the home.
5. Every color doesn’t need to be bold–subtle color goes a long way.
6. Make odd-shaped rooms appear bigger by painting all the walls  the same color.
7. Blue painted walls can bring the coastal feel into the home.

We love and agree with all of these tips, and will share more about coastal color with you soon!