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:: 3 Easy Ways To Decorate The Living Room With Bamboo! ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal living room with white bamboo chairsA little bamboo goes a long way in a coastal home. It’s always fitting and, let’s face it, it just works. Bamboo brings great texture to the space as well as color, whether it be the natural, neutral color of bamboo or a fun, bold color that pops. The versatility is great!

Today we’re sharing 3 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Living Room With Bamboo! As much as we’d like to suggest putting that bamboo floor in, that’s a spend venture. Try these 3 tips instead!

1. Bamboo Chairs

Chairs are probably the easiest easy way to bring bamboo into the home. It’s as simple as picking them up and setting them down. Done. They also offer a ton of variety. There are so many styles, shapes and colors to choose from you can’t go wrong! They’re also extremely easy to remove when it’s time to mix things up and try new pieces.

2. Bamboo Coffee/Side Tables

Coffee tables and side tables can be used in multiple ways throughout the home. The coffee table can be the focus and building point for the entire living room and set the tone or feel of the space. It can also be an accent piece that plays the simple role of, you guessed it, the coffee table. The side table(s) can add a little touch of bamboo that perfectly compliments the space with it’s color or texture. There’s a lot you can with your bamboo table options!

3. Bamboo Shades.

Bamboo shades can be the piece that ties the space together. It extends the decor to the windows/walls and accents your coastal home decor perfectly. Not only will they help with those bright days, it shows that you’ve got an eye for details and no space in the room is left untouched. Plus, they totally belong in any beach house and drive that coastal style home (pun intended).
Coastal living room with a bamboo coffee table Eclectic coastal space with a bamboo chair Coastal living room with bamboo shades Beach house inspired living room Modern coastal space with eclectic decor Coastal living room with bamboo made coffee table

:: How To Decorate For The Fall ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Fall entryway ready to greet the guests with perfect decorThere’s no fighting it, fall is here and the leaves are definitely changing. There’s no need to guess anymore, Mother Nature is letting us know. If you haven’t already started decorating for the fall then this blog post is just for you! We’ve got 3 quick tips on to decorate for the fall! These tips will help you get started and should inspire you to keep decorating for the fall. Ready or not, here comes autumn!

1. Let The Great Outdoors Help.

Mother Nature is one of the greatest decorators to ever exist. If you really think about it, she’s probably responsible for one of your favorite spots (first, of course, is the wonderful bathtub with a glass of wine). Let her help out and bring some of those fall colors inside! Bring those beautiful reds, yellows and oranges into the your home. Grab some wild grass and bundle it up for display. There’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of the changing of colors and to let Mother Nature do the heavy lifting for you.

2. Design With Warmth In Mind.

Now we’re not just talking about layering up, laying out extra blankets or constantly having the fire place going – those are a given. We’re talking about colors! You’ve already decided to bring in the fall colors with floral accents, so why not drive it home with complimentary colors? Create warm and inviting spaces for everyone! Guest season is starting, so why not give them a great welcome with your love and beautiful fall home decor?

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Out.

It hasn’t started snowing yet! Fall gives you a few more chances to get outside to enjoy the backyard or patio! Just grab your warmest sweater, a few extra blankets, a warm beverage of choice and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! If you’ve got a fire pit, it gives you a few more chances to really turn up the heat! Think about some extra comfy padding for that outdoor furniture set because you’re not done using it yet! Coastal dining room with festive, fall foliage as decor Fall entryway with beautiful fall foliage Perfect fall patio set up! Ready to enjoy the leaves changing colors! Cute fall decorations mixed into the sidebaord

:: Happy Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Coastal outdoor space with great sea glass jugs and rustic style furnitureWhat comes after Friday? The two best days of the week, Saturday and Sunday! And that means it’s time for the weekend! This week’s Weekend Pins post is all about good decor and happy vibes. We hope it spills over into your weekend and you enjoy yourself. So get those boards ready and start pinning! Happy Friday!

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Coastal space decorated in blue. Lovin' all the different hues! Coastal vignette with nautical influences from the rope mirrors Cute boho chic sofa and pillows. In love with the patterns! Nautical bedroom with fun, coastal accessories overlooking the water

:: A Peek Into Our Texas Design Project! ::


Feature Friday

texas-design-project-boxTuvalu heads to the Lone Star State! Here’s a quick preview of what we’re doing for our clients out in Texas. Check out some of the pattern, color and furniture choices we’re helping them make. We love the way it’s coming together and we’re so excited to be working on this project with our client. We can’t wait to show you guys more! Stay tuned and in no time this fun project will be ready to swoon over. Until then, enjoy the weekend and happy Friday!
texas-design-project-layout-boards-1 texas-design-project-layout-boards-2

:: Welcome the Weekend With Coastal Entry Way Pins ::


Feature Friday

1afe8605f2a3e19a1cd349ec47258c49It’s Friday! That means the weekend official starts today! And what comes with the weekend?? Your weekend pins!

This weekend we’re sharing pins that not only welcome the weekend, but also welcome you home. These pins are all coastal entry ways that we love and will great on your boards!

So get your pin buttons ready and start pinning! Also don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest by checking out @tuvaluhome! See you on the boards! Happy Friday!7b010464687db089bf8ce928ad18434b 351cff6ba0486bcf893f8e82fc3af145 640d0c461b6a9baefe5809f6075842b5 6710fc75b3002be1c4497c6e9382d466 80930cec8d5549b6061bff5cf58d8409

:: Go Bright This Spring! ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

citrus-splash-living-room-lLast week we talked about decorating for spring with pastel colors. If you missed that post you can read it here! Today we’re talking about going bright with our spring decorations! Welcoming spring with bright and bold colors takes a huge step away from the dull winter season. Use bright yellows and blues to ramp up those coastal vibes, but don’t forget to use other colors to mix things up! Check out how some of these designers used bright colors to decorate. Use these photos as inspiration to get you and your home ready for warmer seasons!
fun-loving-style-dining-room-l hot-cold-living-room-l old-soul-family-room-cl-l sunnyside-up-bedroom-l tropical-style-guest-bedroom-l0710-sag-harbor-sunroom-l*images via coastal living