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:: Coastal Mood Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday


This week’s weekend pins are a random collection of images we found and fell in love with. Naturally, that means we have to share it with you guys! These pins inspire coastal design and give us ideas to build off of. Mostly they just invoke envy of how much we want spaces like these in our homes! So get your weekend started with these pins and pad those boards for all of your followers!

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:: Take In The View Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Coastal living room with a beautiful view!This weekend you deserve a treat! Actually, you deserve one every weekend! So this weekend, why not treat yourself to a nice view?? Grab a coffee, pack a picnic or just bring your favorite book to your favorite spot. You know which spot we’re talking about: the one with the most beautiful view, the one you can’t wait to get to after a long day, the one you love showing the people closest to you. We thought we would give you a little head start with this weekend pins post. You know, give you a little inspiration to get out and take in the views. And use this weekend to it’s fullest! Go outside and enjoy the weekend! Happy Friday!

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coastal backyard with a viewCoastal dining with a view!Coastal patio with a beach view! Coastal patio for two!

:: Cute Beach Cottage Exteriors! ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

360979f615941ee6a6ac95226853a03dWe love the look of a beach cottage! They’re so cute and embody everything about the coastal lifestyle and design. The exterior just screams beach living and makes you want to live by the ocean. It makes us long for those summer coastal sunsets spent lounging in the backyard with a cool summer breeze. Basically, we’re ready to live at the beach and enjoy summer.

For today’s post we’ve collected some of our favorite beach cottages we found around the interwebs and had to share them with you guys! They’re just so dang cute! We really didn’t have a choice. We hope you like these as much as we do and feel free to pin them up on your boards on Pinterest. We know we will! And if you have any to share with us please do! We love swooning over a beach cottage just like any other!
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:: Coastal Curb Appeal Pt. 3 ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal-beach-style-house-big-front-porch Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget about the greenery! Part three is all about the flowers, plants, trees and landscaping. If you missed part one you can check it out here and if you missed part two, then jump over to part two here!

Bring some fresh, earthy curb appeal to your home by enhancing those lush greens! It will give your home’s exterior a natural, bright feeling. Use all the colors of the rainbow with all different kinds of flowers to choose from and watch your house light up! The beauty with decorating the exterior with flowers, plants or trees, is that you can go the full nine and get landscaping or you can just grab a few rustic pots to create a new home for those flowers on your front porch. It’s all up to you!

It’s time to test that green thumb and get outside! Enjoy these beautiful spring days while you’re out caring for your new plants. Check out some these homes and the beautiful vegetation they used to decorate their homes.
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:: Coastal Curb Appeal Pt. 2 ::


Tuesday Tips

b8fc7b697c495f752b7d5be67b420a82We’re not done trying to boost your home’s coastal curb appeal! This week we’re bringing you part two! If you missed last week’s post (part 1), you can give it a quick read here! This week we’re looking at your exterior lighting situation. Upgrading your lights is a great way to bring character and charm to the front of your house.

You don’t want to be one of the boring people that use the typical lights, do you? Heck no! This quick and easy upgrade can really bring out the coastal curb appeal making you stand out next to your neighbors. Grab some vintage, rustic looking lights to get that old, salty beach look that comes with living on the coast and fall in love with your beautiful home all over again. Let ’em hang, mount ’em up or run ’em down the entry path; use light fixtures to bump up the coastal curb appeal of your home.

Check out some these pictures for some inspiration and stayed tuned, because next week we’ve got another coastal curb appeal tip!
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