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:: Tuva-Luvs – Allison ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

Tuvalu Home Tuva-Luvstuva-luvs-allison-blue-glazed-table-lampThis week our Tuva-Luv comes from Allison! We’re spotlighting the la marina blue glazed table lamp from Allison’s favorites! This lamp is great for the living room or bedroom and brings coastal style to the space. It’s a perfect fit for that side table next to the sofa or your night stand in the bedroom. A little decor and light goes a long way! Take a look at the la marina blue glazed table lamp here! And don’t forget to head on over to Allison’s Tuva-Luvs to see more of her store favorites!

If you would like to see more Tuva-Luvs you can check out the Tuva-Luv page here! See what else the Tuvalu Home team likes now!

:: Sea Glass Table Lamps ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal bedroom with matching steel bed frames, turquoise rustic nightstand, and sea glass table lampSea glass is basically a permanent trend in coastal design. It will always be around and will always be a staple in coastal decor. So when we see something involving sea glass start to get more design time we instantly support it. Like these sea glass table lamps you see in this post. It’s a great addition to any coastal home and brings heavy coastal style into any space. It’s natural hues work perfectly with most coastal palettes as well. Check out these pictures and take notes on how these designers use sea glass table lamps in each space.

If you’ve fallen in love and need a sea glass table lamp, you can pick one up now on the Tuvalu Home webstore here!
Coastal living room decorated in nuetral tones and a splash of sea green Coastal living room with a white palette decorated with blue accents Fantastic range of blue and turquoise featured in an eclectic space Natural textures mixed with blue hues to create a beautiful coastal vignette

:: Get The Look – Coastal Table Lamps ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal-home-table-lamp-tuvaluTable lamps are an easy accessory to add to the space to give it color, texture or style. We see these beautiful table lamps all over Pinterest with people saying how much they love this lamp or that lamp and pinning their favorite lamps to their ‘Dream House’ boards. So we thought we’d grab a few pictures pinned on Pinterest to show you how you can get these looks. It doesn’t matter what stye home you have. If you have a traditional coastal home style, a beach cottage style, a modern coastal style, a rustic coastal style or any style home for that matter, you can easily snag these lamps and get the looks you see on Pinterest.

Above we have our Jamie Young Jute Lamp featured that will fit into any home and give the space an instant coastal decor punch. It fits effortlessly into the vignette above and compliments the coastal style the designer is going for. Interested in picking up a jute lamp for your home? Well check it out here!
beach-cottage-coastal-home-tuvalu What would go great in your little beach cottage? Sea glass, of course! Grab our Sea Glass Aqua Lamp to give your home a little beach cottage love. If interested in the Sea Glass Aqua Lamp go to our online store here!
modern-coastal-home-decor-tuvaluIf you’ve got more of a modern coastal look going on then you’re going to want and need something different than the usual coastal table lamp. That’s not a problem though! Check out our Jamie Young St. Charles Lamp! This lamp will give you a sleek, clean look that will go with the rest of your modern coastal design. Pick up St. Charles Lamp here!
rustic-coastal-home-table-lamps-tuvaluLast, but not least, we have our rustic coastal design. You’ve laid down your cow hide rug and you’ve found a rustic chest to use as a coffee table, now what? Table lamps; that’s what! Obviously you can go get some rustic table lamps, but what if you’re trying to keep your coastal style? Well with the Plum Jar Table Lamp you can do just that! It gives you the coastal sea glass and a rustic, neutral shade to work with your rustic coastal decor. Grab the Plum Jar Lamp here!

Now go out into Pinterest and bring the look to your home instead of just pinning it. You can find your perfect table lamps! Need to a place to browse and shop a few more table lamps? Check out our website and our table lamps here!