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:: Tuva-Luvs – Wendy ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

Tuvalu Home Tuva-Luvstuva-luv-wendyThis week’s Tuva-Luv is brought to us by Wendy! One of her store favorites is the linen puffer fish pillow! This natural linen pillow is filled with a soft down insert. The linen puffer fish pillow will rest perfectly on your sofa and provide those welcomed sea-life inspired feels. Check out the puffer pillow on the Tuvalu Home web store here!

If you like to find out more of our Tuva-Luvs you can check out the Tuva-Luvs page here!

:: Get That Bedroom Nice & Cozy! ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal bedroom decorated with a white pallete and rustic inspired decorIt’s starting to cool down here in Laguna and we even got some rain this past weekend! It was a nice change of pace from the heat. We were bundled up  in our throws and had our warm tea within arms each at all times. With the temperature dropping more and more each day, we want to make sure our bedroom is prepared for the cold weather. That means extra bedding, warm rugs for our toesies, lots of pillows and a night stand with plenty of room. During the fall and winter seasons we want to be able to cuddle up, turn on Netflix and stay cozy in bed all day. Oh, and for no one to judge us for wanting/doing just that.

So make sure you get your bedroom ready for the cold days ahead. Let Tuvalu Home help you! We’ve got a quick checklist for you with links to everything you need for the bedroom.

Cozy bedroom checklist:

1. Extra blankets, lots of blankets!

2. More pillows! And then some more pillows!

3. A soft, warm rug. No cold feet!

4. Nightstand surface space! Those books, drinks, and candles need room too!

Coastal bedroom with cozy bedding inviting you to stay the day in bedBeautiful white, coastal bedroom with elegant accents Cozy bedroom retreat in a coastal cottage Cozy looking beach cottage bedroom with fun patterned bedding