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:: Grab Yourself A Few Floor Pillows! ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Striped floor pillows in a scandinavian decorated bedroomIt’s time to get comfortable! Grab a few floor pillows and get cozy! Floor pillows are a great way to beat the heat too. They get you up and off the sofa and close to the ground. They’re especially great if you’re trying to avoid that leather sofa. Not sure about your weather, but it’s been hotter than snot here in Southern California! We’re looking for anything to help us escape the deadly rays of the sun! These floor pillows add extra sitting space to entertain the friends and family when they come over as well. They also add a new dynamic to the space which is easily removable when you store the pillows away. Change it up and bring some extra comfort to the home! Perfect for the living room, bedroom and even outside in the backyard or patio!
Coastal living room with cozy floor pillows on an all white base coloar palette Floor pillows covered in a soft fur to add texture to the space Floor pillows laid down onto a neutral designed spaceA beautiful eclectic living room with a hint of boho chic decor Floor pillows out on a coastal patio over looking the beatiful ocean


:: Time To Layer up! ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

1ec0e0f9c072537a17681b4682994f51As the temperature cools down the closer we get towards winter, we want to make sure we’re staying warm and cozy. How do we accomplish this? Lot’s of plush pillows and extra blankets! Don’t be afraid to bring the extras out this fall! You’ll be thanking yourself later and loving all your warmth wrapped around you!

Check out some of our throws here and don’t forget to pick up pillows here! Stay warm this fall friends! 41d041388b0e643666628a67a9e7483a 50f0deebdf29c41470da91cc9dace34d 1b707bb87f71b9d7c84a28fc24f90cb1f16462e6d225a2328e791e3b19386929

:: Spotted! Appliqued Anchor Pillow ::


Feature Friday


Have you picked up your copy of Coastal Living’s Our Favorite Beach Cottages yet? It’s packed full of beautiful homes by some talented designers as well as all kinds of goodies you can decorate your home with. While flipping through the magazine we spotted one of our favorite pillows, the Appliqued Anchor Pillow! This pillow packs nautical charm that can set the coastal style in any space. If you’re interested you can check out and pick up your pillow(s) up online here! Happy Friday

:: Get The Look – Rustic Coastal Living Room ::


Tuesday’s Tips From The Pros

Today we show you how to bring the Tuvalu feel to your living room with a little rustic coastal love. We love blending styles and creating beautiful spaces with a fresh new look. This gives you the ability to pull from more than one style and create a unique, one of kind space. We love coastal and rustic decor together because they blend so seamlessly. Over time any cute beach cottage is going to get that natural wear and tear from the ocean. So why not capitalize on that and run with the design style that naturally occurs on its own? Exactly! Plus no one wants coastal decor overkill. Starfish and mermaids can only be used so many times. Bringing in other styles and design elements eliminates the repetition and excessive, overdone feeling of just one style. You don’t need to have an equal amount of pieces from each style. Some times it only takes one piece, like a side table or chair, to bring a different style to the space. So ladies, mix it up and bring in another style or multiple styles if you want! Now onto the rustic coastal living room inspired by some Tuvalu love!Shop coastal home decor at tuvaluhome.com! Take a look around the online store and find new things you’re bound to fall in love with! As always, you can come down to the store. We’d love to get you set up with all these items and get you started on your next design project!