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:: Tuva-Luvs – Catherine ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

Tuvalu Home Tuva-Luvstuva-luv catherine
This week’s Tuva-Luv comes from Catherine! Catherine picked the Large Anchor Stamped Glass Bottle as one of her Tuva-Luvs! This is a great piece to add to any coastal home! This glass bottle can be use as a vase, container or decoration piece. With it’s sea glass style look it would be the perfect addition to any coastal home. If you would like to add the Large Anchor Stamped Glass Bottle to your home you can pick it up on our online store here!

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:: Grab A Vase! ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal vignette featuring beautiful palm leaves resting in a beauitful blue vaseSpring brings us good weather, lots of sun and beautiful flowers. We’re not the only ones that want that sunshine! Flowers are in full force during the spring season and provide us another accessory to decorate our homes with. They can literally bring life into your home this spring with all their bright pedal colors and lush green leaves. Take advantage of them and use them to bring a fresh smell into the bedroom or as something fun to dress up the kitchen counters with.
Gorgeous coastal kitchen with beautiful floral elementsIf you’re looking to bring some flowers into the home this spring you’re going to need a vase or two. This is where we get to have even more fun. There are so many different vase options that come in every shape and size imaginable! It makes hunting down the perfect one so exciting! You can make a statement with a large vase that plays home to a beautiful arrangement of flowers or go with small vase that hosts a few lovely flowers. The combinations are endless and up to your imagination! So get creative with your arrangements and really bring spring into your home!

Looking to pick a vase? Check out our online store! We’ve got all kinds for your to choose from! Jump on over to the online store here! Want to get the hands on experience? No problem! Come on into our store and say hi while you shop for your new vase!

:: Spotted! Large Green Olive Vase ::


Feature Friday

spotted-large-green-olive-vase-tuvalu-homeFlipping through this month’s Country Living we spotted one of our favorite accessories! The large green olive vase is the perfect piece for any coastal home. The large size of this vase makes it a great statement piece in any room and we love that. These glass vases scream ocean decor because of their style and sea glass look. The olive glass takes on the look of a deep sea glass which really sells those coastal vibes.

If you’re interested in adding the large green olive vase to your home you can pick one up in our online shop here! Happy Friday!