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:: 3 Tips To Dorm Room Decorating ::


Tuesday Tips

boho chich dorm roomWith school starting right around the corner, we want our students to make the most out of their year. They’re going to spending at least a year in the dorms, so why not make it the best space it can be? This post is for you future and current dorm room dwellers. We’ve got 3 tips to dorm room decorating to help students get the best out of their dorm rooms and to make sure they’re on their way to educational success in a well designed space.

1. Bring Only The Essentials

As we all know, dorm rooms aren’t lavish, spacious suites. They are limited spaces that give you enough room to sleep and, if you’re lucky, space to study. Keep this in mind when preparing to go to a dorm room. Some of them come furnished which typically means a twin bed frame, twin bed mattress and a poor excuse for a desk. And some of them don’t come furnished at all. Find out what your dorm comes with and go from there. Sorry kids, the Cal king is going to have to stay at home. That means bedding, clothing, wall decor and possibly some extra storage pieces. Plus, you’re going to acquire more and more stuff throughout the year. We promise, it’s inevitable.

2. Think Vertical. 

In a small space it pays to think vertically. Take advantage of the open space above your head by lofting your bed and sliding your desk or maybe a dresser underneath. This compacts the large furniture items and give you more space for designing and activities.

3. Get Creative With Storage.

One tricky thing you’re going to have to solve is storage. You will need it, but the problem you face is the lack of space. This is where shoe holders that hang on closet doors and night stand side tables doubling as extra storage come in handy. Don’t forget about shelving options. They offer a place to decorate and much needed storage space. Every space is different and you’ll adapt your storage needs accordingly.

cute chic dorm room dorm room details in aqua dorm room with fun textures and colors Dorm room with great patterns and colors