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:: Color Board – Bold Reds ::


Tuesday Tips

color-board-greens-reds-room We haven’t done a color board for you guys in awhile so we thought we’d change that today! We chose this bold space to show you how to play with color! Check out how the designer uses the different hues of green in this space and infuses the bright and bold reds to grab your attention. The truly amazing part of this room is that they managed to use greens and reds together without making you instantly think of Christmas. Not an easy feat! It’s those cool, sky blue walls that tone down the greens and compliment the reds. Imagine if the walls were white! Or even green! No thanks! We’ll stick with our blues.

This designer knows how to use color right and the room shows it. We’ve grabbed a few of the standout colors for our color board, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few more subtle hues bringing this room together. Feel free to use our board as inspiration and to show your friends or family how color plays!