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:: Tuva-Luvs – Laurie ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

This week our Tuva-Luv comes from Laurie! One of her store favorites is the blue branch coral pillow! This pillow is a natural linen pillow with a fun and bright coral print on it. It’s the perfect piece to add a little coastal charm to any home, just set it on a chair or sofa and let it shine! If you want to add the blue branch coral pillow to your home, you can shop for it here!

Find more coastal decor and our store favorites on the Tuva-Luvs Page!

:: Spotted! Eco Woven Square Throw ::


Feature Friday

Spotted HGTV Magazine Eco Woven Square ThrowLook what we spotted! Tuvalu Home’s Eco Woven Square Blanket is featured in the January issue of HGTV Magazine. This throw blanket is a great way to add an extra layer of warmth and keep you cozy during those cold nights! This fun, coral colored throw blanket has an updated graphic take on the classic tweed pattern. This design brings back a vintage texture with a twist. Plus it’s made in the USA! If you’re interested in the Eco Woven Square Blanket you can shop it online now!

:: Spotted! White Coral Sculpture ::


Feature Friday

spotted white coral sculpture coatsal living tuvalu homeOur white coral sculptures were featured in Coastal Living magazine! These white coral cold cast porcelain sculptures on glass stands are a beautiful, humane addition to your beach home! It’s a great way to bring coral accessories into a coastal home without harming our oceans or reef ecosystems. The sculptures are available in three designs and sizes. Find the white coral sculptures in store or in our online at TuvaluHome.com!

:: Color Board – Bold Reds ::


Tuesday Tips

color-board-greens-reds-room We haven’t done a color board for you guys in awhile so we thought we’d change that today! We chose this bold space to show you how to play with color! Check out how the designer uses the different hues of green in this space and infuses the bright and bold reds to grab your attention. The truly amazing part of this room is that they managed to use greens and reds together without making you instantly think of Christmas. Not an easy feat! It’s those cool, sky blue walls that tone down the greens and compliment the reds. Imagine if the walls were white! Or even green! No thanks! We’ll stick with our blues.

This designer knows how to use color right and the room shows it. We’ve grabbed a few of the standout colors for our color board, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few more subtle hues bringing this room together. Feel free to use our board as inspiration and to show your friends or family how color plays!

:: Getting In Touch With Nature ::


What’s Trending Wednesday


It’s time for us to get in touch with nature. How am I suppose to do this in my house, you ask? Well that’s simple, bring the nature inside! This picture above shows you how to do just that. They brought in nature inspired accessories like the wood trunk side table, the faux fur and even the animal skulls up on the wall. As If these natural shapes and textures weren’t enough, this designer took it step further and even used a floral fabric pattern on the sofa.

With coastal home decor you can get your hands on all kinds of fun, beachy design elements. We have a range of beautiful shells, coral, driftwood and everything else the sea provides to choose from. Don’t be afraid to bring nature indoors, it won’t bite! Check out some more inspirational design in these pictures below.

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:: Shadow Box Table ::


We did some design work for Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna and here’s a quick sample of what we did…

 We started with this as our base. We wanted to infuse our coastal style into this so we decided to fill it.

This is what we put on the inside. We put sand, coral, shells, starfish, beads and other beach themed accessories.

Here it is finished and installed. We’re very happy with the way this piece came out and so is Pacific Edge Hotel.

:: Bring The Coast To Your Bathroom ::


Tuesday’s Tip From The Pros

We want to bring a little touch of the beach to your home and we’re going to start with your bathroom. The best part about this is you can do this with any bathroom of any size. It can be a full overhaul that transforms your bathroom into the perfect beach cottage getaway or just a few accessories that bring the beach to your powder room. So let’s take a look at what you can do to take the leap into the ocean of bathroom design.

Glass jars are something that can add style and functionality. These jars can offer the perfect coastal vibes when filled with seashells or sponges and can offer extra storage space for cottage swobs or q-tips. It’s a two in one and you can’t beat that! Check out our glass jars here and pick some up to help your bathroom out!

The laundry basket is kind of a no brainer, it makes clean up easy and adds a little touch coastal-rustic style to the bathroom. Make it easy on yourself on those early mornings and have that basket handy for when your jumping in and out of the shower. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later. Snag our wire laundry basket here!

Bathrooms are only so big, so why not try to maximize the space? Small tables will help add extra storage space, display space and surface space. You’ll love your table in your bathroom when you have extra space to put towels or your bubble bath soap.

I don’t know about you, but in the morning the tile on my bathroom floor is cold! So our way around that is a nice warm rug! This way it completes the room and keeps our toes warm! Check out our rugs here!

No bathroom is complete without some coastal accessories and we have plenty for you! From soap dish trays to towels you can cover your bathroom with the perfect accessories. Here at Tuvalu we’ve got plenty for you to choose from. Find all kinds of accessories at Tuvalu Home!

:: Beautiful Large Corals and Conch Shells New In Store ::


Shells and coral can be great { and affordable } statement pieces in coastal home decor. We make sure to have lots of options year round but we recently received some extraordinary, large shells, sea fans and fun, colorful barnacles { that start at $12 each ! } that are great for accessorizing your home. Be sure to check out our posts on tablescaping for ideas on how to use them in your coastal cottage.

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:: Tablescape Tuesdays ::


Happy Tuesday everyone! Although spring is supposedly here it’s still a little gloomy here in Laguna Beach. So cuddle up to your coffee or tea and enjoy this simple tip for creating beautiful settings on your tables and sideboards. Make sure to read up on the power of threes in last Tuesday’s post if you happened to miss it. And stay tuned each week for more easy tips!

This week: Setting Up A Dramatic Landscape 

Plain and simple: Place objects in the front, middle and back for the most interesting tablescapes


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:: A Season Of Color ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

If you were to pick one word that summarizes the trends for spring it would be: color. And we’re talking bold color. We’re seeing it at the home shows, on the runways of NYC fashion week, and even the Oscar gowns. If you’re not ready to make a change with paint, take a look at these colorful accessories that are an easy add to your existing decor. They are sure to be a great fit!

pillows (also in-store) / measuring cups / coo-coo clock / glass jars / books  (also in-store)

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