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Coastal living room with layered rugs under the coffee tableWhy limit yourself to one rug? Layering rugs is a great way to bring more color, texture and depth to the room. This decorating technique is a great way to bring the space together with a larger area rug and then anchor a specific spot in the room with a smaller rug.

Layering rugs usually consist of a sisal or jute rug as a bottom layer because of their natural, neutral tones that allow you to add a pattern or color on top of it. Is this the only way or bottom layer? Of course not, but it is a very common one that happens to look good as well. Once you lay down your base layer, a popular choice for the top layer rug is an animal hide rug, faux or real. Other popular choices, especially in coastal homes, consist of striped rugs and colorful patterned rugs.

It’s fun to combine other colors, patterns and textures while layering to create the look you want. It’s a great exercise to flex that creative muscle and maybe you’ll shock yourself with a great looking combination that you would have never even considered!
The pups approve of the layered rugs White cow hide rug layered on top of a jute rug in a coastal family room