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:: Chairs 101: Windsor Chairs ::


Tuesday Tips

An eclectic collection of windsor chairs in a coastal dining room

The Windsor Chair is a classic chair in home decor. It dates back to the early 1700’s and gets it name from the English town Windsor. The Windsor Chair is a wood chair that’s back and sides consist of multiple thin, turned spindles that attach to a solid, sculpted seat. The chair also has straight legs that splay outward and the back has a slight recline. There are 7 different types of Windsor Chairs: sack-back, loopback, comb-back, continuous arm, low back, rod back and fan back.

Windsor chairs were brought over during the American colonial days and became quite popular for their light weight design and portability. In the early years of these chairs they used multiple types of wood in order to construct them. After they were made they would often paint them to hide the fact that different woods were used. The Windsor Chair has a look and feel from another time period which makes them the perfect for traditional coastal style homes. The Windsor Chair effortlessly rounds a dining table in a nautical style dining room or completes the breakfast nook in a New England style coastal home. Its simple look makes them easy to incorporate and blend into these style.

Modern Windsor Chairs come in a range of sizes and colors which makes it easy to decorate any room with them. Take a look at what designers have done with Windsor Chairs in these spaces. Look at their classic design aesthetic and note how well they blend into the nautical and New England coastal styles.
Bright coastal furniture colors with windsor chairs New England style dining room with windsor chairs and nautical decor accents Windsor chairs that are painted in a light turquoise that surround the dining table in a coastal home

:: Chairs 101: Ladder Back Chairs ::


Tuesday Tips

Beach cottage brakfast nook with ladderback chairs and an amazing view of the coeanHere at Tuvalu Home we want to use our blog to share amazing home decor, design ideas and inspiration. We also want to use it share our home decor knowledge and experiences. One way to this is to dive into certain areas and subjects to give you a little more in depth information about them. In this mini series we’re looking into chairs. Not just any old chairs, specifically chairs you would commonly see in coastal home decor.

In this post we’re taking a look at ladder back chairs. The ladder back chair is one of the oldest style of chairs to exist. These chairs date back to the 17th century. They were sought after for their sturdy build and durability. It wasn’t as easy back then as it is for us now! It’s a classic shape and a recognizable chair in home decor. It has a high back with horizontal spindles that provide back support and has four legs. The horizontal spindles resemble a ladder like look which the name “ladder back chair” derives from.

These chairs were also popular in American colonial homes. This popularity is why you will still see these chairs in New England Style or Nautical style homes. The classic influence and style of these chairs works well in each of the coastal styles. It’s also not uncommon to see ladder back chairs that are painted in bright or pastel colors. The updated look on the classic chair works well in a beach cottage style home or rustic, coastal homes.

Take a look at these photos we’ve dropped into this post and get a feel for the chair. You can see how the ladder back chair can be used in a couple different coastal design styles. Nautical style dining space with ladder back chairs Rustic cottage dining space with ladder back chairs