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:: 3 Ways To Accent Your Home With Color ::


Tuesday Tips

Beautiful Coastal living room with deep-blue accent painted wallsUsing color to accent walls and spaces is a great technique that anyone can use throughout their home. Step one is deciding what color you want to accent or highlight the space with. When you’re picking out the color there’s one main thing you need to consider, what do you want your accent color to accomplish? Do you want it to be bright? Do you want it compliment the color palette in a subtle way? Maybe you want something that does both? If you’re having a hard time deciding how to use color to accent, these 3 ways to accent your home with color will help. Each of the 3 ways to accent your home with color gives you design ideas and decor options to help you accent with color.

1. Accent A Wall

The easiest, and most effective way, to accent with color in your home is by painting a wall. It’s one wall with one color and you’re done. Painting can be a hassle, but thankfully it’s only one wall and not the entire room. This wall can be painted in a bright color to stand out or it can be used to add color while complimenting the space (pictured above).

Coastal cottage style kitchen with an accent painted island

2. Accent A Specific Section

If you want to get creative with color, try accenting a specific section of the space. For example, in the kitchen you can paint the island a different color to create an accent piece in the kitchen space (pictured above). Another way this has been done is by painting the inside of shelves. If it’s a built in shelf, for example, the inside area of the shelf can be painted a different color to create a more interesting accent style.

Coastal living room with colored accessories to help accent the space with pops of color

3. Accent With Accessories

The third way to accent with color does not involve painting. If you’re not handy with a brush, this is the option for you. Accent the space by decorating with accessories (pictured above). This is usually done by decorating on a neutral color palette in order for the accessory colors to pop. Hunting the pieces down can be a task, but it is all part of the fun that we call decorating. Also, don’t forget how easy the internet has made shopping for specific color palettes. Each item adds a fun pop of color that allows you to use colors to accent the space to your heart’s desire. Coastal cottage style kitchen with light blue and turquoise accent pieces Coastal living room with a bright yellow accent painted wall and accessoires to match

:: 3 Quick Tips To Living Room Furniture ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal living room full of fun patterns with a blue and white color paletteThe living room is one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s ranks right behind the kitchen and we’re sure if it was possible to merge the two without it looking/being weird it would be done in every home. With such importance put on this room, why would you not try to make it the best possible? Make it the best for function, the best in design and the best in decor. Today we’ve got 3 quick tips on living room furniture to help you with just that! So without further adieu, here they are!

1. Space, space, space. 

Space is a very important part of the living room. How much? How little? What measurements? Where will this fit? Will this fit? Does it scale? Not only is it important to make sure your furniture will actually fit, but it’s equally important to figure out where you will have empty space. There’s no need to cram as much as you can into the living room. Make sure the room has some space to breathe and allow for everyone to move around the room comfortably.

2. Invest in the future.

There’s a classic saying that goes, “You get what you pay for.” This is especially true when it comes furniture. Your furniture is going to take a beating. Maybe you won’t have kids and animals running and jumping all over it, or maybe you will, but your furniture still takes a good amount of abuse. So make sure you don’t cheat yourself by trying to take a cheap route!

3. Like the seasons, colors change.

A color palette can change with the blink of an eye. Imagine walking into a new space and you’re instantly inspired. It makes you think about your colors and what you want to change. This is why you should decide on your furniture colors last. Get an idea of what type of furniture or how you want it to look and go from there. Go bright and bold or monochromatic, it’s pretty common for furniture to come in a multitude of colors and patterns these days so that should’t be too much of a problem. If not, it’s time to get DIY and now that piece has become personal as well as custom.
Coastal living room with great artwork and funky patterns Great coastal living room full of textures and unique decor Nautical inspired decor in the living room, complete with the view! Rustic, coastal cottage style living room done in neutrals

:: 3 Quick Tips On Playing With Bright Colors ::


Tuesday Tips

bold blue accents on a white nuetral base in this cozy family roomLooking to bring more color into your home? Then you’re in the right place because we’ve got 3 quick tips on playing with bright color in your home!

1. Start with the neutral. 

If you want your bright decor to really stand out use a neutral base to let it shine. Avoid creating competition within your decor. There only needs to be one star and that’s the bright color you choose to accent.

2. Be consistent.

Use the color in every space of the home. There’s no need for every room to have large amounts of the color you choose to accent, but dropping little splashes in each room can help carry the color palette throughout the home. It keeps the design consistent and let’s your eye easily flow from one room to the next.

3. Mix it up.

Not all hues are not created equal. Use this to your design advantage by focusing on your primary colors and complimenting them with different shades of the hue. This way you can let your primary colors shine while still filling the room with more decor.

Bright colors and patterns in the bedroom with great coastal decor Brightly colored designed room with a great open feeling Coastal kitchen with a bright color block island Coral inspired bright colors and fun patterns in a coastal bedroom

:: Winter Table Decor ::


Tuesday Tips

It’s time to start breaking out the winter and holiday decor if you haven’t already. We’ve got a few images here to spark your inner winter decorating skills and to inspire you to try something new. You’re dining table is going to see some action this holiday season and you’ve better be ready for it.

Whether it’s bright winter berries scattered about on the table or even ornaments incorporated into the center piece, your dining table can become the perfect holiday show piece in your home. There’s no need to go above and beyond when it comes to decorating your dining table. Remember at some point you are going to be eating on this table, so leave some room for the food and cut out the unnecessary stress of having to strip all of your beautiful decorations off the table. We aren’t saying that you should just put a few pine leaves and call it a day, but there’s no need for the mini Christmas tree with a full town nativity scene either – put that on one of your side consoles.

Hopefully some of these images bring you some inspiration and new ideas. Next week we’ll actually get into decorating our dining table, so make sure you check back in for that post.

:: Kitchen Bar Stools – The 3 Essential Questions ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal-kitchen-bar-stools-home-decor-tuvaluBar stools are a great way to bring people to the kitchen without bringing them into the kitchen. It gives your family, or guests, a place in the kitchen without them getting in the way. Bar stools can make or break your island or kitchen bar and before you buy the wrong ones we have three questions that you should know the answer to. They are:
1. How high or low is my bar or island?

2. How much space do I have?

3. How often are my bar stools going to be used?

Once you can answer these three questions you are ready to start looking for the perfect bar stools. It’s pointless, not to mention a huge waste of your time, to go out looking for bar stools that won’t fit because they’re too high and too wide. Also, if you know your stools are going to be used daily you should buy some that can handle the physical demand. If you’re in need of some bar stools or want to get some ideas, jump over to our web store and start looking here.

white coastal rustic kitchen home stools decor tuvalu wood rustic kitchen stools home decor tuvalu teal rustic coastal kitchen stools home decor tuvalu

:: Knobs & Pulls – A Quick, Easy Kitchen Update ::


Tuesday Tips

Knobs and pulls are a quick and easy way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. This easy task doesn’t require much and is an easy renovation project that anyone can do. Just pick out a few knobs and pulls you adore, grab a screw driver, or wrench depending on the hardware, and you’re on your way. Your new hardware will bring a fresh breath of air into your kitchen. The best part is you can find any type of knob or pull out there ranging from any price. This is perfect for all you DIY beginners or seasoned vets. Here are some links to get your started.

Rustica Hardware



Knobs And Hardware

Happy hunting!

:: Be Smart About Painting Your Kitchen ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home, so why not show it some love? When it comes to painting your kitchen you should be smart about it. Ask yourself questions like do I really need to paint the whole kitchen? Or can I bring my kitchen back to life with just a quick splash of paint? Maybe all you need to do is paint the island or a few cabinets and your kitchen is revamped. Maybe you need to paint the whole thing and if it’s time then it’s time. There’s no reason to do a full overhaul with paint if you don’t need to. It’s a hassle and a headache waiting to happen. Usually a little paint will go a long way.

Your color choices should reflect the space and the natural feel of it. If your kitchen gets a lot of natural light you may want to choose colors that absorb the light instead of colors that will reflect it. This way you can actually enjoy your kitchen instead of wearing your sunglasses inside or always having the curtains drawn. The same goes with a naturally dark kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t get that much natural light you might want to go with lighter, airy colors so it doesn’t feel so dark or small. If it’s time for an update, really think about it and plan your painting before you try to tackle the entire space.

Paint is a great way to spice up any kitchen and if you plan it right we promise you’ll save yourself money, time and stress. Have any successful kitchen painting stories or horror stories? How about some of your tips or tricks? Let us know! We’d love to hear all about them! Bottom line is paint is a great way to spice up any kitchen, here are some examples for you guys.kitchen with a green color palettekitchen with nautical design elements Rustic beach inspired kitchen

:: 5 Quick Tips to a Kids’ Bedroom ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal keys bedroom

The kids room is always a blast to design. You get to have fun and pick out great pieces that aren’t necessarily for your age range anymore. It’s such a shame sometimes, but luckily we have our little ones to live through and still get to buy some playful stuff. You want to make the room fun for the kids and also livable for someone their age. It’s going to get a lot messier before it gets cleaner and stays clean. So why not prepare for this in the design process? We’ve got some quick tips that will help you stay on top of that messy room and make the space best for the kids.

5 Quick Tips to a Kids’ Bedrooms:

1. Storage space – under the bed, shelves or in clever hidden places. You’re gonna need it!

2. Machine washable bedding – bright colors and playful patterns that are easy to clean.

3. Wood floors with an easy to clean rug – like an indoor/outdoor rug or jute rugs. Spare yourself the carpet nightmares.

4. A child sized table – give them a place to draw, do crafts or sit and read.

5 Play space – every kid needs a place to play! Smart and well planned furniture can maximize the space.

kids bedroom with coastal details bright colored kids bedroom

:: The Main Points of Coastal Color ::


Tuesday Tips

We came across a great article from Coastal Living’s idea house called  7 Ways with Coastal Color and had to share it with you!  It’s a quick and easy read with pictures;  I’ll sum it up for you right here:

1. Set the tone of your home from the beginning at the entry.
2. Authentic touches, distressed or vintage pieces, can give the home a ‘lived in’ feel.
3. Use beach inspired colors and light to give an indoor room an outdoor, al fresco feeling.
4. Don’t match everything, instead create an eclectic palette throughout the home.
5. Every color doesn’t need to be bold–subtle color goes a long way.
6. Make odd-shaped rooms appear bigger by painting all the walls  the same color.
7. Blue painted walls can bring the coastal feel into the home.

We love and agree with all of these tips, and will share more about coastal color with you soon!

:: Storage Space ::


Tuesday’s Tips From The Pros

Why does it feel like we never have enough space? Better question, where did all this stuff come from? It constantly seems like we have more stuff then space. Besides just tossing everything, which happens to be the easiest way to create some extra space in your home, what can you do? Today’s post is about the extra storage you can bring into your home. Possibly taking advantage of some dead space, like under the stairs, or installing some new storage opportunities. Some of these ideas involve a little work. Maybe you don’t have the budget or want to do construction and that’s fine. A simple shelf here and there can make a huge different. Let’s start!
We will start in the kitchen, but this can be applied to anywhere you have drawers. Go deep! Deep drawers means more space in the drawer to put stuff in. It’s a pretty simple idea actually. For some of you this could be as easy as taking out a small drawer to create space for a larger one and some new brackets. Others it could be a whole new cabinet, which we support you 100% on. These deep drawers can feel endless and will proper organization they will feel endless.
Don’t let your stairs limit you! There are tons of storage opportunities here. You can install some built in selves or put up a few shelves on the wall. This will give you plenty of space for pictures, accessories, books, or whatever else your heart desires. Do you have a shell collection from around the world? You do!? Great! This is a perfect way to show it off without compromising your other valuable spaces.
We can’t forget about underneath the stairs. If you aren’t already using this space you should. Don’t have access to this space? Make it happen. You can use it as straight storage space or you can get creative and put a TV under there like above. The extra space is yours!
Your hallways offer a ton of storage space. Those walls are begging to be used. You can put some art on them and call it a day, that’s fine. If you want some more space though, you can put some selves on the walls or build them into the wall. Obviously this isn’t meant for every hallway. They aren’t all corridors, but if you can, it will add more storage space to your home.
Entryway shelves are great for cutting back the clutter and clearing up the space. Put your jacket or sweater up on the hook and toss your purse onto the shelf – nice, simple and easy. We like easy, especially with the little ones. All you need is a wall and you’re good to go.
Last, but definitely not least, the family/living room. This is where we are most of the time so why not have the storage and space we want or need? Some build in shelves will help you stay organized in the busy space and make it easy for everyone to find a blanket, or book, or movie. They can each have there place and cut back on searching time. You can install open face shelves or have cabinets that close. Either way works. Can’t put in the built in’s? That’s why we have side consoles or book cases. They can be moved anywhere at anytime. Don’t forget to take advantage of your vertical space. You can go as high as you want or as high as your ceilings will let you. It just means more storage space. Good luck organizing!