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:: Modern Coastal Decor ::


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There are different styles and design elements in decor. With coastal decor, and many other design styles, there isn’t just one, cookie cutter way to go about it. With all the unique styles and tastes out there the decor is going to change from person to person. Modern coastal decor brings all of our favorite coastal colors and tones with sharper, cleaner edges and shapes. Modern decor has a very geometric look by itself. When you bring coastal decor into the design mix you get some fun, unique shapes and spaces.

Modern coastal decor is a simple and minimal style; less is more when it comes to the modern coastal look. Just like any style, it isn’t limited to any specific hues or furniture. It can have a bright and bold palette or a calm neutral palette. Take a look at some of these examples we have for you. If you like some of the elements use them to inspire you and possibly work the modern coastal decor style into your home. It’s always fun and interesting to see new or different ways of designing. Are you guys fans of modern coastal decor? Let us know! Tweet us at @tuvaluhome, leave a comment on here or let us know on our facebook page!