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:: Start Fresh With White Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal kitchen in a fresh white styleWith the new year under way we want to keep the fresh start going. A great way to create a fresh space is to use the white hues to decorate. White is known to invoke feelings of freshness, cleanliness and purity. A designer can use this color to create beautiful space that feels open and airy.

White decor is a great way to create a fresh look. The monochromatic color palette is perfectly complimented with natural pieces like woods and metals. They add depth to the space with textures and colors that help break up the monochromatic tone of the space.

Keep the fresh start motivation going into the new year going and get inspired with these wonderful white spaces.
Coastal living room space decorated with natural textures and materialst on a white palette Coastal seating area in the lving room decorated in all white Coastal white dining area with touches of rustic style and decor Open doors to a coastal bathroom with a white tone