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:: Get The Look – Bright, Coastal Dining Room ::


Tuesday Tips

get the look bright coastal dining roomget the look coastal living july 2015Now’s your chance to get this look straight out of Coastal Living! We’ve put together our version of this coastal dining room using items you can find here at Tuvalu Home! You can find all of these items in store or online. Interested in any of these items? You can see each of them online now! Links below!

1. birch cross back chair
2. homart otto vase large
3. arteriors jarrod white pendant
4. houston mirror
5. lacefield zig zag ikat aqua pillow with tassels
6. sienna dining table
7. bella dining chair

:: Brighten Up The Dining Room ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Bright, open coastal dining space featuring bold, teal chairs and dining tableBring a little color into your dining room with colorful chairs. Go bold with bright colors that stand out as accents in the space or use softer colors that compliment the decor. You can even mix and match chairs or colors for a unique look. There are many ways you can bring color into your home and dining space with your chairs. Check out how some of these designers are using colorful chairs to bring color and style to the dining room. Take notes, get inspired and change it up in your home.
Coastal dining table with bright and bold red chairs complimented by weathered, rustic style chairs at the head of the table Colorful chairs at the dining table stand out and create a fun conversation piece Dark colored chairs in the coastal dining space Pairing complimenting colors at the dining table to give the space some fun style

:: Coastal Weekend Pins ::


This week’s weekend pins consist of some good old fashion coastal style. Beautiful spaces with every detail noted and every available design opportunity taken advantage of. We love sharing great coastal decor with you guys and helping you create amazing boards on Pinterest. So here’s five more coastal pins to help you let go of the week and move into weekend mode. Get inspired, pin the pictures and then get out and create beautiful decor!  If you want more coastal pins you can see more on our Pinterest here! Happy Pinning! 

:: How High To Hang Your Dining Room Chandelier ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal chic diing room with a gorgeous chandelierThe dining room chandelier is a design conundrum that has been around for as long as we can remember. There are many aspects that go into making this design choice. The official standing, and what you’ll most likely read in the textbooks, is to hang the chandelier 30-34 inches above the dining room table if you have an 8 foot ceiling. If you have a higher ceiling you add 3 inches for every foot above 8 feet. For example, if you have 10 foot ceiling you would hang the chandelier 36-50 inches above the table. That’s just the start.

On top of the hanging height, you need to take into consideration the width. The general rule is to make sure your chandelier is 12 inches narrower than the with of your table. So purchase a wide table because we don’t want anyone hitting their heads on it now, do we? That’s not too bad, but wait! It’s then suggested that the chandelier be 48 inches from each wall in the dining room and should be centered on the table. We can manage that right? Right!

Now that we have the technically side down, it’s time to actually pick your chandelier which means more choices and options as well as design aspects to factor in. Starting to see where this is going? Exactly, no thanks! Sometimes you have to toss the rules out the window and go for it. A chandelier doesn’t need to be that complicated. Find what you like, make sure it fits in the room (literally and aesthetically) and then eye it. Size it up with your eyes and pick the height that you like the most as well as looks right to you. This is your space, you don’t need other people telling you how to design it.

Looking for a chandelier or looking to upgrade yours? Check out the chandeliers that Tuvalu Home offers online here!

Beautiful coastal dining room with a spectacular viewBig, coastal dining space with a minimal design look Bright, open coastal dining space with fun textures and patterns Ikat dining room table chandelier with matching chair and beauitful coasta art on the walls