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:: Decorate With Fall Home Decor ::


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Blue painted pumpkins laid out on the mantleIt’s always a fun time when fall starts to come. The leaves change colors and it means the holidays are just around the corner. We get to have fun with Halloween, test our cooking skills during Thanksgiving and then spread joy and happiness with Christmas. Fall also brings us all the fun fall decor and gives us a chance to decorate our homes with it.

Pumpkins are great for easy Halloween decor and can remain for festive fall Thanksgiving decor. Pumpkins also make an easy center piece for the dining table. Grab a few small pumpkins and some fall foliage to craft a beautiful tables cape for you and your family. You can even decorate the mantle with them and create scenic fall scenes in your home. Get inspired to bring the fall decor into your home and check out how these designers have embraced fall and pumpkins into their homes.

Colorfull pumpkins displayed on a rustic table Fall table decor with leaves and pumpkins Mantle with small white pumpkins for decor Rustic style mantle with pumpkin as decor

:: Coastal Fall Tablescapes ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Rustic cottage fall tablescape with a distressed teal picnic table and cute striped pillows for cushionsFall tablescapes are a great way to be festive this season! It allows you to introduce fall decor into your home in a simple way. Use a little fall foliage is an easy way to set a center piece that is simple and well styled. How about adding a few gourds? And of course, when in doubt, pumpkin out! The best part is, a few pieces go a long way with fall design and decor. You can create stunning tablescapes that look amazing and still allow functional table use. We could sit here and try to explain it to you, but we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to quickly understand what we’re talking about by seeing it. We’ve grabbed a few pictures to show you guys what we think beautiful fall table decor looks like. Take a look so you can see what we’re talking about and we hope it inspires to get festive for the fall season!
Coastal fall tablescape decorFall table decoration on a rustic coffee table Fall tablescape decor done in a neautral palette Fun, bright coastal fall tablescape

:: Winter Table Decor ::


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It’s time to start breaking out the winter and holiday decor if you haven’t already. We’ve got a few images here to spark your inner winter decorating skills and to inspire you to try something new. You’re dining table is going to see some action this holiday season and you’ve better be ready for it.

Whether it’s bright winter berries scattered about on the table or even ornaments incorporated into the center piece, your dining table can become the perfect holiday show piece in your home. There’s no need to go above and beyond when it comes to decorating your dining table. Remember at some point you are going to be eating on this table, so leave some room for the food and cut out the unnecessary stress of having to strip all of your beautiful decorations off the table. We aren’t saying that you should just put a few pine leaves and call it a day, but there’s no need for the mini Christmas tree with a full town nativity scene either – put that on one of your side consoles.

Hopefully some of these images bring you some inspiration and new ideas. Next week we’ll actually get into decorating our dining table, so make sure you check back in for that post.