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:: Decorate With Fall Home Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Blue painted pumpkins laid out on the mantleIt’s always a fun time when fall starts to come. The leaves change colors and it means the holidays are just around the corner. We get to have fun with Halloween, test our cooking skills during Thanksgiving and then spread joy and happiness with Christmas. Fall also brings us all the fun fall decor and gives us a chance to decorate our homes with it.

Pumpkins are great for easy Halloween decor and can remain for festive fall Thanksgiving decor. Pumpkins also make an easy center piece for the dining table. Grab a few small pumpkins and some fall foliage to craft a beautiful tables cape for you and your family. You can even decorate the mantle with them and create scenic fall scenes in your home. Get inspired to bring the fall decor into your home and check out how these designers have embraced fall and pumpkins into their homes.

Colorfull pumpkins displayed on a rustic table Fall table decor with leaves and pumpkins Mantle with small white pumpkins for decor Rustic style mantle with pumpkin as decor

:: Fall Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Fall entryway decorated with wild grassLet’s get our homes ready for fall! The fall season is great because all of those beautiful fall colors are so inspiring and make you want to decorate your home with them. Let’s take a look at fall decor that is trending throughout homes this season.

With the colors changing and the trees losing their leaves, it’s no surprise that the colors and leaves will both work themselves into home decor. Wild grass and bright colored leaves scattered around the home can transform your space into autumn haven. Also, don’t skip out on those wonderful pumpkins, gourds and squashes! These veggies aren’t only capable of making delicious meals, like butternut squash raviolis, but can serve as great decor pieces as well.

Have you guys seen any fall trends that you love or decorate with? Share it with us! We’d love to know what you’ve seen!Fall decorated dining room with pumpkins as decorGet all out with your fall home decorIncorporate fall colors in your homeSimple coastal cottage decorate for fallPumpkins and gourds used as table decoration in the welcome area

:: How To Decorate For The Fall ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Fall entryway ready to greet the guests with perfect decorThere’s no fighting it, fall is here and the leaves are definitely changing. There’s no need to guess anymore, Mother Nature is letting us know. If you haven’t already started decorating for the fall then this blog post is just for you! We’ve got 3 quick tips on to decorate for the fall! These tips will help you get started and should inspire you to keep decorating for the fall. Ready or not, here comes autumn!

1. Let The Great Outdoors Help.

Mother Nature is one of the greatest decorators to ever exist. If you really think about it, she’s probably responsible for one of your favorite spots (first, of course, is the wonderful bathtub with a glass of wine). Let her help out and bring some of those fall colors inside! Bring those beautiful reds, yellows and oranges into the your home. Grab some wild grass and bundle it up for display. There’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of the changing of colors and to let Mother Nature do the heavy lifting for you.

2. Design With Warmth In Mind.

Now we’re not just talking about layering up, laying out extra blankets or constantly having the fire place going – those are a given. We’re talking about colors! You’ve already decided to bring in the fall colors with floral accents, so why not drive it home with complimentary colors? Create warm and inviting spaces for everyone! Guest season is starting, so why not give them a great welcome with your love and beautiful fall home decor?

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Out.

It hasn’t started snowing yet! Fall gives you a few more chances to get outside to enjoy the backyard or patio! Just grab your warmest sweater, a few extra blankets, a warm beverage of choice and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! If you’ve got a fire pit, it gives you a few more chances to really turn up the heat! Think about some extra comfy padding for that outdoor furniture set because you’re not done using it yet! Coastal dining room with festive, fall foliage as decor Fall entryway with beautiful fall foliage Perfect fall patio set up! Ready to enjoy the leaves changing colors! Cute fall decorations mixed into the sidebaord

:: Coastal Themed Pumpkin DIY Project ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal-pumpkin-home-decor-craft-mod-podge-themeIf you want to take your pumpkin crafting to the next level, we’ve got just the DIY project for you! We stumbled on this awesome, perfectly coastal themed mod podge DIY project by Crafts by Courtney! She is also responsible for this nautical inspired anchor pumpkin we posted. We love the way she got creative and put her unique twist on a classic fall decor staple. She used a little spray paint, mod podge, scrapbooking paper and, of course, a pumpkin. Check out how she did it on her blog here!


:: Fall Coastal Home Decor Pins ::


Monday Pins

Bright, rustic beach inspired welcome in a coastal homeMonday is here and that means it’s time for coastal home pins! This week we’re feeling inspired by all the fall decor. Maybe you’ll notice in these pins. Okay, you’ll definitely notice. We’re talking extra cozy details, rustic inspired styling, cute pumpkins and festive gourds! Get those pin buttons ready because we have five, very fall decor inspired pins for your Pinterest boards! Get your week started in the season of fall!

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Coastal home decorated with fall details Coastal home with fall decor mixed into the details Cozy nautical inspired bedroom with a beach rustic style Rustic style and design in a coastal entryway

:: Coastal Fall Tablescapes ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Rustic cottage fall tablescape with a distressed teal picnic table and cute striped pillows for cushionsFall tablescapes are a great way to be festive this season! It allows you to introduce fall decor into your home in a simple way. Use a little fall foliage is an easy way to set a center piece that is simple and well styled. How about adding a few gourds? And of course, when in doubt, pumpkin out! The best part is, a few pieces go a long way with fall design and decor. You can create stunning tablescapes that look amazing and still allow functional table use. We could sit here and try to explain it to you, but we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to quickly understand what we’re talking about by seeing it. We’ve grabbed a few pictures to show you guys what we think beautiful fall table decor looks like. Take a look so you can see what we’re talking about and we hope it inspires to get festive for the fall season!
Coastal fall tablescape decorFall table decoration on a rustic coffee table Fall tablescape decor done in a neautral palette Fun, bright coastal fall tablescape

:: Autumn Coastal Oranges ::


What’s Trending Wednesdays

Coastal dining space decorated in fall decor and fall colorsAs autumn starts to show it’s famous colors do as well. One fall color we rather enjoy is orange and it’s different tints and shades that are synonymous with autumn. It’s a fun color to decorate with because you can go bright, bold, dark and everything in between. With multiple natural hues of orange, it gives us the easy option of a monochromatic palette. Not only does it offer that color option, but it allows you to effortless design with other autumn colors as well. Look into orange hues this autumn and enjoy decorating with Mother Nature’s color palette.
Coastal dining space with a touch of fall colors Fall colors in a coastal home

:: Yellow Hues Are Stepping Up ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Great color palette really taking advantage of yellow huesYellow has been popping up in coastal decor lately and it’s timing is perfect! It has always been a staple color in coastal decor. It’s warm, welcoming and reminds us of summer. This time of the season, it’s also a staple color in fall decor. Fall is notorious for the changing leaves which produce bright, vibrant yellows, oranges and reds. The bright, sunshine yellows and dark mustards are coming out at the perfect time in decor this year. It’s a great hue for any coastal home any time of the year, but if you feel like getting festive with fall decor here’s your perfect hue. Take advantage of the range the hue offers and get to decorating! Check out what these designers have done with yellow hues and how they’re using them in these spaces!
Beauitful yellow painted walls to brighten up the space and pep up the decor Wonderful mix of colors and textures with a standout, deep mustard sofa Yellow accents in a coastal bedroomA fun, yellow exterior really boosts the coastal vibes of this home

:: Fall Decor Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Get ready for this upcoming fall! Check out this great coastal fall decorThis week we’ve got coastal fall decor pins for everybody and their boards! Fall decor is starting to make its way all over Pinterest and we’re here to help spread these great photos as well as show the amazing work these designers have done. So get used to the pumpkins and stnning fall foliage because it’s the season! Get inspired and start thinking of some fun fall designs for your home! Happy Friday!

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Coastal decor fall details Coastal fall dining set up. Look at those cute mini pumpkins! Fall decor complimented with some cute pumpkins and great textures Welcomed home to beautiful fall decor

:: Falling For Brown Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Natural tones in a coastal living room with brown accentsFall is slowly creeping up on us. Soon the leaves will start to change colors and before we know it winter will be here – yikes! We’re still dreaming about summer and we never want it to end! Unfortunately, Mother Nature has other plans. Fall decor is starting to come out and the color palettes are focusing on those natural autumn hues. Getting a head start on fall decor, we’ve seen a lot of brown hues starting to show up in homes. Right behind them are the oranges and the, aggressively pushed every fall season, purples. Check out how these designers are using brown hues this fall! We’ve gathered a few images that use brown as their base color and/or their accent color to give you guys some ideas and inspiration.
Coastal living room with a brown color palette Coastal living room with brown aceents on a neutral palette Outdoor coastal vignette with brown accents Turqoise accents on a brown base in a coastal space