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:: Spotted! Boatwood Frames! ::


Feature Friday


Look what we found in the latest Coastal Living, Boatwood Frames! These frames are a great coastal touch in any room! Fun for the kids room or even the family room! We have plenty to browse from in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Jump over to our online store and check them out! Go to our store here or click on the picture above.

:: Picture This ::


Tuesday’s Tip From The Pros

Today’s tip is a quick one about a different way to present framed pictures and art. We were looking through older magazines for inspiration because over time your tastes change. Things you weren’t into or didn’t even come close to interesting now have become just the opposite. We highly recommend you look through old design books and magazines. They are great because you can add your new ideas and styles into old ones. We found this image in an older edition of Coastal Living and fell in love with it. We love the creative and different way they set their photos up around the space instead of hanging them. It allows them to show more pieces and gives that relaxed look that every beach inspired space should have. Be different and be creative! Try new things!

Want to show us what you’ve done with your home? Send us some pictures and we’d love to post them!

:: Get The Look – Coastal Side Console ::


Tuesday’s Tip From The Pros

While browsing through our stacks of magazines we came across this little gem. What we have here is a beautiful side console table and a stunning coastal theme arranged around it. Today we want to show you how you can easily recreate, or even expand on, this setting and make your home look like it should be featured in magazines. Clear a space and get ready for a coastal over haul because we’re turning you into a pro!

Let’s start with the base piece. We will start to build from the side console table and go from there. Choose a solid table that will fit perfect in the coastal theme. Make sure you have plenty of space to play with too. On top of it and below it!

Hit the walls with a few framed art pieces. These paintings have a strong nautical theme and bring more ocean vibes into the setting. Consider going antique or at least the vintage look to scare some extra style points.

This scene is not complete without a replica model sail boat. Finding the right one for you will complete this look! Let this model shine and breathe that fresh ocean air into your home while everyone marvels at it.

You’re going to need a little light in that space which provides a good opportunity to bring in rustic-coastal style lamps. You don’t want to go overboard on the shells or ocean theme, so why not balance it out with a couple rustic-coastal lamps.

It’s not coastal without some shells. I don’t know how you feel about taxidermy birds, but I think we’ll pass. So instead of the taxidermy bird in a case we’re opting for shells, coral and sand. We like that a lot more and it feels more beachy to us. It’s kind of hidden behind the chair, but there’s a box decorated in shells on the floor which drives the coastal feels home

What would we do without accessories? I mean really, where would we be? Let’s finish this setting by pointing you in the right direction. We only want to get your started with a few because we think that every space needs a personal touch added by you. Run down to the beach and hunt for shells, rocks or anything that will fit into your setting. While you’re down there you can stop by our shop or go online to grab these accessories. Find antique accessories and more at Tuvalu Home!

We’ve got you started and now it’s up to you to finish it! We want to see what you do and how it looks finished. So don’t be shy and send us over some pictures of your space!