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:: Because Sometimes You Just Need Color ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Bright and colorful coastal living roomColor is a fun and easy way to bring personal style to any space. Unlike creating a mood with tones, color allows you to break up a space to make bright and bold statements. You can decorate with a pre-designed color palette, choose colors based on your favorite pattern, use color to accent or even just use color for the sake of using color. Basically, you can do anything and everything design-wise with color.

People will say that there is a way to design with color and there is a way not to. They might say that you should use color vertically and start with darker colors and hues on the floor and slowly transition to lighter color and hues the closer you get to the ceiling. They might say start with the front door and entryway s0 that you can color your way through the house to keep the color palette cohesive and consistent. They might tell you to stay away from this color with that color or that color with this color.

Want to know the cold hard truth about designing with color? Do whatever you want.

Pick whatever color(s) you want and start designing. Make as much or as little visual noise as you want! Picture your home as a coloring book, just add the color and complete the picture. Seriously, it’s really not that hard and no color is wrong. The best part about using color is you can always take some of it away. Trying to pair bright orange pillows on a dark blue sofa? Maybe opt out for white or light yellows to compliment. It’s all about playing and experimenting to figure what you like and want.

You might not get it right the first time and that’s okay. It really is part of the fun. The mixing and matching is all part of the game we love to call design. It will help you grow and understand yourself as well as design. And if you absolutely can’t get it right that’s what we have the pros like the Tuvalu Home Design Team for. Give ’em a call if you want a beautifully designed space, we promise you want be disappointed!
Colorful coastal bedroom with bright decor Colorful coastal details Colorful coastal living room decorated in green Eclectic collection of bright coastal style and decor

:: Spotted! Large Green Olive Vase ::


Feature Friday

spotted-large-green-olive-vase-tuvalu-homeFlipping through this month’s Country Living we spotted one of our favorite accessories! The large green olive vase is the perfect piece for any coastal home. The large size of this vase makes it a great statement piece in any room and we love that. These glass vases scream ocean decor because of their style and sea glass look. The olive glass takes on the look of a deep sea glass which really sells those coastal vibes.

If you’re interested in adding the large green olive vase to your home you can pick one up in our online shop here! Happy Friday!

:: Spring Greens ::


What’s Trending Tuesday

Coastal living room with green details and decorGreen isn’t only showing up in gardens this spring, but in indoor and outdoor decor as well. It’s a great way to greet the season and bring some life into the home. Green hues blend effortlessly with coastal decor and allow you to use a little or a lot in a space. The versatility the colors offer are amazing! Check out what some of these designers are doing in their spaces! Coastal living room with green and white striped furniture Coastal outdoor patio decorated with green details that create a space perfect for the pup! Outdoor coastal details Rustic, coastal kitchen with green details

:: Style With Sage ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal bedroom with great decor and a sage color paletteWhen we think of coastal colors we immediately think of blues, whites and yellows. The green hues can be forgotten even though they are a huge part of the coastal palette, especially the color sage. Sage is a great color for any coastal home. It’s easy on the eyes, calming and adds a sense of serenity to the space. It allows you to mix in all sorts of colors into it as well. Natural materials work great with the color and allow you to really bring out the coastal style. Take a look at how these designers have used the hue to decorate these spaces and make them look great!
Cute, cottage style kitchen with sage painted walls and cabinets Rustic, modern kitchen with sage cabinets and minimal design aspects Sage colored walls, fabric and accents! Gorgeous coastal dining space! Coastal bedroom decorated in sage hues and nautical decor

:: Stay Cozy In These 3 New Beds ::


Have you ever had a four poster bed? We love the way they can make such a dramatic presence while at the same time creating a cozy sanctuary. Something about having a tall headboard and footboard with the towering pillars all around that makes you feel secure and can rock you to sleep. We’ve just added a few four poster beds with loads of character to our Tuvalu Home online store and can’t keep our eyes off rooms that feature similar styles on Pinterest and the like (do you follow our Pinterest?). Take a look at what we’re envisioning with these three new pieces.

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