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:: Halloween Projects for the Family ::


Feature Friday

Halloween is right around the corner, so why not have some fun this weekend with the family? It’s time to get ready for crafts! We found two crafts that we thought would be great for the family, especially the kids! The first project is from Pretty Handy Girl and shows you how to make some fun and decorative pumpkins using fabric and toilet paper. These are great for Halloween decor and home decor. The best part is they can easily be used for Thanksgiving decorations as well. They’re pretty easy to make and look great! Check them out here!

The second project we found will give your house that spooky, festive look on Halloween night. This project is brought to us by eighteen25. This is another  simple halloween project that only requires a few milk jugs, a marker, a string of Christmas lights and some creative drawing. Grab some markers and let the kids go to town! They’ll be excited to put them outside and when Halloween night comes the neighbors will  know you’re ready for some trick-or-treaters. Get the guide by going here!

Have some family fun this weekend and give yourself those last minute Halloween decorations! Have fun and happy friday!

:: Painting Pumpkins ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

If you’ve picked up this month’s Country Living, or even been onto Pinterest once in the last week, you’ve seen plenty of pumpkins, Halloween decor and Halloween food. October is the start of the pumpkin season and we’re ready for some pumpkin pie! This Halloween season Country Living sparked the paint your pumpkin trend and it has taken off. They even had a contest for the Best Halloween Pumpkin. They’ve made Halloween a little less messy and a lot more creative. This way you don’t have to cut open the pumpkin and go through that whole ordeal. Also I don’t know about you, but my knife and pumpkin carving skills aren’t even close to as good as my painting skills. I’ll stick to the brush and paints. By painting the pumpkin it gives you so many more options and allows you to bring in more colors other than the typical black and orange. You can free hand paint on it, paint a pattern on it, or stencil a design on the pumpkin. This opens up so many different avenues for you to get creative. Don’t get us wrong though, we love the classic jack-o-lantern and the pumpkin seeds it yields. There’s no replacement for that, but why limit yourself there? Get creative and have fun this Halloween.