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:: 3 Different Ways To Decorate Your Pumpkin! ::


Tuesday Tips

Decorate your fireplace with fire carved pumpkins!Pumpkins are one of the greatest parts of Halloween! They’re so much fun to decorate, carve and let’s not get started on all the yummy pumpkins seed you can eat! We are big fans of the traditional pumpkin carving, it’s kind of a Halloween must, but sometimes you want to try a new approach and there’s nothing wrong with that. Mixing it up a little bit makes life fun! In this post we’re looking at 3 different ways to decorate your pumpkin this Halloween and we’re pretty excited to see what everyone comes up with season! So scroll down and get the creative juices flowing!
Carving pumpkins without fully carving pumpkins this Halloween season1. Carve without carving.

Carve without carving? Yes, you read that right. We’re talking about carving into the surface and taking a little bit of it off the top. Pick out a fun design and go at it!
Halloween pumpkins covered and decorated with stickers2. Slap some stickers!

Not looking to make a mess this Halloween season? What about using stickers? Put your favorite Halloween expressions or poems on your pumpkins! Maybe even channel your inner Edgar Allen Poe this season. The darker the better!
Painted pumpkins covered with lace for a unique look for this Halloween3. Lace up

Looking to get fancy this Halloween? Then cover those pumpkins in lace! Cover them in fun, lacy patterns to give them a fantastic and festive look! Want to ramp it up? Try painting the pumpkins first, like pictured above!