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:: 3 Tips For A Holiday Ready Table ::


Tuesday Tips

c62148255d6dbb752c3e7f9e27aba401Preparing is half the battle. We’re trying to get you guys prepared for the upcoming holidays so it won’t be as stressful as it’s already going to be. Last week we gave you a few tips to get your kitchen ready for the upcoming holidays, if you missed it jump over to it here. This week we’re focusing on the table. Let’s get your table ready for the holidays. It’s going to see the most action it will see all year in the upcoming months, so let’s make it ready! We’ve got 3 tips to help you and your table make it through these holidays. Ready? Let’s go!

1.  Stack & Layer

Let’s give your table some depth. We can accomplish this with table clothes, runners, place mats, and stacking dishes. Layering your table linen will instantly give your table some depth and if you want to play with colors it can even add contrast or fun pops of color. Don’t limit yourself by placing each and every dish, utensil or napkin on its own. Stack them up to add dimension to the table. Place those beautiful napkins on the stacks for the bonus cherry on top.

2. Simplify The Centerpiece 

We love gorgeous and stunning centerpieces, but usually they are large and take up some valuable table space. So this year try to keep it simple. This way it will save you time and hassle. Depending on your table size, you may be able to leave your stunningly simple centerpiece out for the actual dinner. No extra time spent removing it and no one will be left out of the conversation due to the monstrosity of a centerpiece.

3. Prepare For The Mess.

Holidays are messy – plain and simple. So prepare for them. Mentally preparing for that stain that’s going to happen on your new/favorite table runner is probably going to help you cope with it a lot better when it happens. With that in mind, maybe we don’t want to use our newest or best stuff during the holidays. Food for thought.


:: Two Quick Winter Centerpiece Tips ::


Tuesday Tips

The most important part of your winter tablescape is the centerpiece. We’ve been on the blogs, pinterest and many other websites to bring you a little collection of winter centerpieces that are out there. If you’ve been browsing winter decor lately, you’re bound to recognize some of these pictures. A few of which are coastal and others that are more traditional style winter tablescapes. We wanted to give you a blend of images so you can be inspired by the holiday spirit to start decorating your home!

Today we bring you two quick tips on tackling center pieces in regards to the size of your table. Our first tip is on how to do decorate on a smaller table and our second tip is how to decorate a large table. Scroll down to find out more!
1. Create Simple Centerpiece Statements On Smaller Tables.

Above we have a beautiful winter tablescape with a simple, almost minimal design. This simple look provides a festive, winter look to the table without taking up too much space. When it comes to designing your tablescape you need to know the size of the table and how much space it actually provides for the centerpiece, decorations and actual dining. You might have a good sized table, but after the table is set that space you thought you had no longer exists. Maximize your table space by eliminating the large, unnecessary centerpiece. Give the space back to you and your guests while you are dining and enjoying each others company.

2. Create A Festive Winter Scene On Larger Table.

Are you daunted by the task of decorating a large table for the holidays? Don’t bother bringing down box after box trying to decorate the large table. Instead you should create a fun and festive winter scene with smaller pieces to act as the table centerpiece. This will allow you to fill up the large table by giving it a full, decorated look. The tablescape above demonstrates this perfectly. They only used a few small pieces to create a full, winter scene as their centerpiece on the table. This leaves plenty of maneuverability and functionality for anyone sitting at the table enjoying their meal.

Let these two quick tips help you or any loved ones this holiday season. There’s no need for the extra stress! Focus on your family and friends by giving them the perfect table to gather around. Below we have a few more tablescapes and centerpieces for you to enjoy. Good luck decorating this holiday season and don’t forget to have fun!