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:: Monarch Beach Design Project ::


Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-001This design project is truly a special project to us here at Tuvalu Home. It belongs to one of our own who is responsible for many of the amazing things within our company and (as you will see) has remarkable taste and style. This home is absolutely  beautiful and this moment has long been awaited. We’re so happy that we can finally show this to you! You really have no idea how long we’ve been waiting for this! The home is 110% Tuvalu, literally everything is from out store. If you’re anxious to see this home right now, jump over to the portfolio page here. We don’t blame you, you can come back and read more later. For those of you who want a little more info, keep on reading!

After nearly 10 years as a buyer for our store, Jaymi has had plenty of time to gather her favorite Tuvalu pieces for when the time came to create her perfect home by the sea.  Recently, the time came and finally she was able to transform her home into the perfect space.

In looking for inspiration Jaymi would always think of the grandest most beautiful homes and hotels she had been to and take note of what made them feel so special. She used this little strategy and applied it to her smaller home for a luxurious cozy feel.

When people ask Jaymi what the style of her home is she has no idea what to tell them except that it is just filled with all the things that she loves individually or that mean something to her. And somehow, with no surprise, they all just work. But she says these two rugs pictured directly below are a good representation of her style – a little coastal and little rustic.  She couldn’t decide on which one she wanted for her living room. She didn’t know if she wanted to go more rustic with the cowhide or stay true to her location with a coastal blue and white striped rug, but in the end she couldn’t part with either. As time went on it turned out she loved them just the way they are, in perfect harmony.

We’ve dropped a few pictures in this post to show you guys what we’re talking about. These are just a sample and you absolutely have to go to the portfolio page for this design project. Go to portfolio page here! And don’t worry, we aren’t done talking about this project yet. We have another post coming that’s going to breakdown some of the rooms, details and more! Plus some before and afters! Stay tuned and enjoy!

Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-024 Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-002Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-003Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-007Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-010Monarch-beach-coastal-home-tuvalu-021

:: Tuvalu Goes To Vegas! ::


Feature Friday

tuvalu-vegas-henderson-7The Tuvalu team headed out to Vegas this last week to install our wonderful clients new home decor! And we love the way it came out! We journeyed from our beloved Laguna Beach, fought the heat (just a cool 105 degrees), and a coastal, desert retreat was born! We’re so excited for this oasis in the desert to finally come to life! The designers for this lovely project were Laurie Alter, Stephanie Molinaro and Wendy Grand Pre. The true heroes of this install team though were Craig and Collin! Thanks to these gentlemen we were able to move everything in and get everything set up!

We’ve got plenty more pictures for you guys including some before and afters as well as some behind the scenes photos! We also have product details for each room and will be posting those as well! So check back with us so you can get the full Vegas install experience! We hope you love it as much as we do! Happy Friday!

tuvalu-vegas-henderson-6 tuvalu-vegas-henderson-1 tuvalu-vegas-henderson-2 tuvalu-vegas-henderson-3 tuvalu-vegas-henderson-4 tuvalu-vegas-henderson-5

:: Color Board – Rescue Me ::


Tuesday Tips

Creating a custom color palette can be one of the best parts of designing. The colors let you bring any look, feel or style to a space. A color board will help you layout and show the colors you choose for your palette. Today we’ve created a color board to show you how to create your own. There are a few ways you can get started on your own color board.

One way to get your color board going is to base it off an already existing palette in order to build off of it or to use it as inspiration. Another way is to find a picture or image that has colors, or hues, and get your inspiration from that photo. You can pull the main colors from the photo and use them in your palette (which we plan on showing you next week).

For this week’s color board we picked an already working color palette to show you how to pull colors. This way you can see what colors are present, what colors catch your eye, what colors the designer snuck in and how the colors are used in the space. Some colors, like the reds and blue, are easily noticed and pop out at you. These colors pop because the designer set them with a neutral base giving them a stage to shine. This is a great use of color in the space which you can achieve by creating a color board. It will help you visualize the layout of your colors and see how they work with each other.

Don’t forget to have fun with your colors! Experimenting and mixing some unexpected colors can lead to something you’ll love!

:: There’s Still Time For Your Consultation! ::



That’s right! January’s not over yet! There’s still time for you to come down to our design studio and get your complimentary design consultation. We want to help you bring your design dreams to life and help you create that perfect space. So print this coupon out, bring it in and get started today! There are only a few days left in January so make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Can’t wait to see you down here in the shop!

:: Design Studio Sneak Peek ::


Feature Friday

design-studio1 design-studio2 design-studio3 design-studio4

Here’s a sneak peek of what our design studio is going to look like! It’s coming along great and we’re so excited to have it finished! We can’t wait to have everyone come see everything we have in here. You guys need to come down ASAP! We hope to see you soon! Happy Friday!

:: Vintage Signs ::


Tuesday’s Tips From The Pros

It’s time for a little design talk. Today’s topic: Vintage Signs. We want to show you design ideas that we love and don’t love as much. Vintage signs are a great way to give that blank canvas called a wall life. A vintage sign can help your walls speak, literally. You can grab old vintage beach signs, put up vintage market style signs, or even make your own that can say whatever you’d like. It’s all up to you! We’re just going to give you a little guide to signs and how to maximize their use in your space. We aren’t going to get technical and tell you that the sign or artwork should hang no more than 7 – 10 inches above a side table , even though that’s right, but more so show you what looks good and sadly, what doesn’t.

This is a very simple and cute use of a vintage style sign. Could there be more done with the space? Of course, but we like the sign and the use of the sign. The spaces shows you what’s out there and a basic way of getting started.

This sign makes great use of the wall. With the built in storage in the corner of the room it doesn’t leave you with too many options for the wall next to it. The sign, being a great choice, complements the space perfectly! It’s large and draws enough attention, but isn’t annoying or too stand out-ish. If you need to cover some blank wall space and can’t fit a side table, sofa or some other type of furniture there, let a sign own the space.

One of our favorite vignettes out there. It has a gorgeous, rustic feel that makes you want more. This is a great example of a vintage market sign that fits nicely into the kitchen. The colors and even the surrounding pieces just make this space stunning.

Hands down the favorite. This room has some many great pieces and just makes you feel right at home. We love this space because the room feels 100% natural. Nothing feels or looks forced. The sign thrown in there just adds character and compliments the room flawlessly. The whole sign isn’t even visible, but some how it works out even better that way. This is Tuvalu love.

This is vintage signing gone wrong. It’s overkill and kind of scary to be honest. Even though there’s only a few pieces in this space, the overdone sign make it’s feel cluttered, messy and dirty. Be careful when trying to find a sign that covers your wall. Make sure it doesn’t look anything like the picture above. Also make sure that it relates to it’s surroundings. Side note: is that chainmail hanging from the wall? What is that?

Want to grab your guests attention? Well this is one way to do it! We like the idea of trying to use that semi-awkward space, but this is a little much. We think if they went smaller and maybe even went with multiple pieces this space could have turned out great. Instead they went large and in your face. Time to EAT!

Lastly, there is just too much going on. It feels like they tried to squeeze as much in as they could. We like red, white and blue, but when it’s done right. The signs almost look like they were an after thought and thrown in because they were ‘needed’ to complete the coastal, beach house look. Let’s avoid this all together.


:: Sea Life Coasters ::


Feature Friday

In Coastal Living‘s June issue we spotted our Sea Life Coasters. These are perfect for summer time entertaining! Give those drinks a place to rest without worrying about that water rings.

:: Painted Bamboo Chairs ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Every home and every space can use a little pop of color. Whether it be a subtle pop that your eye sneaks off to real quick or a pop that leaves you starring while forgetting everything else is in the room. Lately what we noticed trending are bright colored chairs. We’ve seen all kinds of styles and designs, but what really caught our attention were painted bamboo chairs. They’re right up our alley! Bamboo chairs go hand in hand with coastal-beach themed decor, so if we can elaborate and put a new twist on them, why not? We found our favorites from around the web and we want to share them with you. Try to not to focus on the space that the pieces are set in because not all of them are quite our style. Instead focus on the bamboo chairs because that’s what we’re trying to show you.

While looking through pictures of painted bamboo chairs we stumbled upon our Bamboo Wing Back Chairs. Check them out here and add them to you home now!