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:: 4 Steps To Arranging A Beautiful Coffee Table ::


Tuesday Tips

coffee-table-plant-0214-lgn-88151434Country Living has a great step-by-step guide on how to arrange a coffee table like the designers do and we had to share. They’ve created great visuals that are easy to follow and also provide wonderful explanations that will help you grow as a designer. We grabbed these photos off their site and use their words as well, you can see the original on Country Living’s website here.
coffee-table-tray-0214-lgn-33937640Step 1: Start with a tray.

“A piece that mimics the shape of your table helps organize items neatly and acts as a pretty layering element,” Sigala explains. Then, anchor the opposite corner with an oversize book to balance out the tray. Illustrated books invite laid-back perusing. coffee-table-lidded-boxes-0214-lgn-95491327Step 2: Zero in on the remaining corners.

Envision your table in quadrants and aim for rough symmetry along the diagonals. Here, a stack of smaller books that faces off with lidded boxes corralling necessary odds and ends: remotes, matches, cards, etc.coffee-table-glass-bottles-0214-aDXgpB-lgnStep 3: Just add personality.

“Set out things that will spark curiosity and conversation, like a collection of glass bottles,” advises Sigala. Plus, when you top stacks with an interesting object, “a large book or a pile becomes a pedestal,” she explains.coffee-table-organic-details-0214-lgn-15214054Step 4: Finish with organic details.

“Plants or flowers give life to any surface—literally!” says Sigala, who placed this orchid off-center for a casual look. One last thing: “Don’t overdo it—a coffee table should have plenty of space for cups of coffee!”