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:: Coastal Kitchen Hardware Check! ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal kitchen with white marble top counters, white cabinets and elegant hardwareHow’s your hardware? Is it time for an upgrade? Do you have any hardware on your cabinets?

One of the easiest and fastest ways to give your kitchen a quick design boost is to upgrade your kitchen’s hardware. Not to mention it’s one of the more inexpensive ways to upgrade your coastal kitchen as well. Kitchen hardware can take your cabinets from bland to elegant in a matter of minutes. Replace your old, boring hardware with something new and see the immediate difference. If your cabinets are completely without hardware then it’s definitely time you invest. You’ll thank yourself a millions times over for the investment.

The beauty of hardware is it comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. There’s something for every kitchen out there. Plus there’s plenty of pulls and knobs that will not only feel perfect in your hands, but will look amazing in your kitchen. Get out there and start looking for your kitchen’s next upgrade! There’s no excuse to miss out on the instant value this adds to the look and feel of your coastal kitchen!

Blue tile backsplash in a coastal kitchen with white cabinets and silver hardware Coastal kitchen done in white, grey and blue! Coastal kitchen with painted cabinets, upgraded hardware and a farmhouse sink Coastal style kitchen with a farmhouse sink, white marble and painted cabinets Cute, coastal kitchen with light blue cabinets and rustic flare

:: 3 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Vintage ::


Tuesday Tips

vintage-kitchen-stove-white-blue-tuvalu-home Today we have have 3 tips to make your kitchen look vintage. If you’ve ever wanted to travel back in time and make your kitchen a cute, vintage inspired space then this post is for you. If you already love your kitchen and just adore vintage decor, then this post is for you too! These 3 tips with push start you into the vintage direction and give your kitchen an instant vintage look. Let’s take a look at these 3 tips below!
vintage-kitchen-vintage-island-home-decor-tuvalu1. Get A Vintage Island – A vintage kitchen island will anchor the space and set the tone for the kitchen. It could be the first thing that people see and associate the style of your kitchen with, so why not make it a vintage statement? Plus it’s an easy install that doesn’t involve tearing anything out or tackling a renovation.
vintage stools-vintage-kitchen-home-decor-tuvalu 2. Get Vintage Stools – What could make your new vintage island better? Vintage stools. These can give any kitchen more of a vintage feel whether you have the island to go with them or not. Vintage stools, or even vintage inspired stools, can be found in many shapes and sizes that will fit perfect with any existing island or future vintage island you bring into your kitchen.
vintage-kitchen-vintage-fridge-home-decor-tuvalu vintage-stove-vintage-kitchen-inpiration-style-home-decor-tuvalu 3. Get Vintage Appliances – Vintage appliances will top off any aspiring vintage kitchen. With all kinds of vintage style stove tops, ovens and refrigerators out there you can find the perfect ones for you and your kitchen. With companies making them brand new, there’s no need to worry about them not working or causing problems either.

:: Kitchen Bar Stools – The 3 Essential Questions ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal-kitchen-bar-stools-home-decor-tuvaluBar stools are a great way to bring people to the kitchen without bringing them into the kitchen. It gives your family, or guests, a place in the kitchen without them getting in the way. Bar stools can make or break your island or kitchen bar and before you buy the wrong ones we have three questions that you should know the answer to. They are:
1. How high or low is my bar or island?

2. How much space do I have?

3. How often are my bar stools going to be used?

Once you can answer these three questions you are ready to start looking for the perfect bar stools. It’s pointless, not to mention a huge waste of your time, to go out looking for bar stools that won’t fit because they’re too high and too wide. Also, if you know your stools are going to be used daily you should buy some that can handle the physical demand. If you’re in need of some bar stools or want to get some ideas, jump over to our web store and start looking here.

white coastal rustic kitchen home stools decor tuvalu wood rustic kitchen stools home decor tuvalu teal rustic coastal kitchen stools home decor tuvalu

:: Knobs & Pulls – A Quick, Easy Kitchen Update ::


Tuesday Tips

Knobs and pulls are a quick and easy way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. This easy task doesn’t require much and is an easy renovation project that anyone can do. Just pick out a few knobs and pulls you adore, grab a screw driver, or wrench depending on the hardware, and you’re on your way. Your new hardware will bring a fresh breath of air into your kitchen. The best part is you can find any type of knob or pull out there ranging from any price. This is perfect for all you DIY beginners or seasoned vets. Here are some links to get your started.

Rustica Hardware



Knobs And Hardware

Happy hunting!

:: Be Smart About Painting Your Kitchen ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home, so why not show it some love? When it comes to painting your kitchen you should be smart about it. Ask yourself questions like do I really need to paint the whole kitchen? Or can I bring my kitchen back to life with just a quick splash of paint? Maybe all you need to do is paint the island or a few cabinets and your kitchen is revamped. Maybe you need to paint the whole thing and if it’s time then it’s time. There’s no reason to do a full overhaul with paint if you don’t need to. It’s a hassle and a headache waiting to happen. Usually a little paint will go a long way.

Your color choices should reflect the space and the natural feel of it. If your kitchen gets a lot of natural light you may want to choose colors that absorb the light instead of colors that will reflect it. This way you can actually enjoy your kitchen instead of wearing your sunglasses inside or always having the curtains drawn. The same goes with a naturally dark kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t get that much natural light you might want to go with lighter, airy colors so it doesn’t feel so dark or small. If it’s time for an update, really think about it and plan your painting before you try to tackle the entire space.

Paint is a great way to spice up any kitchen and if you plan it right we promise you’ll save yourself money, time and stress. Have any successful kitchen painting stories or horror stories? How about some of your tips or tricks? Let us know! We’d love to hear all about them! Bottom line is paint is a great way to spice up any kitchen, here are some examples for you guys.kitchen with a green color palettekitchen with nautical design elements Rustic beach inspired kitchen