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:: Pageant of the Masters – The Genius ::


Feature Friday

Tonight is the last night to go see the 2012 Pageant of the Masters! Get your tickets and be there at 8:30PM sharp! You won’t want to miss this beautiful display of art! For those of you that don’t know what the Pageant of the Masters is, it’s ninety minutes of “living pictures” – incredibly faithful art re-creations of classical and contemporary works with real people posing to look exactly like their counterparts in the original pieces. An outdoor amphitheater, professional orchestra, original score, live narration, intricate sets, sophisticated lighting, expert staff, and hundreds of dedicated volunteers have won recognition for the Pageant as the best presentation of its kind. This annual event is held right here in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. Since the Festival of the Arts occurred in 1932, the Pageant of the Masters’ first presentation started in 1933. The event is held each summer and lasts for eight stunning weeks of amazing displays of art.

This years Pageant theme is “The Genius.” As the Festival of Arts celebrates its 80th birthday, the Pageant of the Masters will pull back the curtain on The Genius. Acclaimed for its awe-inspiring theatrical celebration of tableaux vivants – “living pictures” – the 2012 Pageant will once again showcase classic works by some of the extraordinary masters who galvanized art history. In addition, it will also explore the fascinating and unpredictable relationship between art and technology with a cavalcade of masterpieces illustrating how breakthroughs in different fields have also altered the path of art history and the way we see the world. From the glories of the Italian Renaissance to the deeply personal imaginings of modern masters, The Genius will fill the Irvine Bowl with breathtaking theatrical recreations of memorable artworks. And, an acknowledged work of genius, Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” will return as our traditional finale. You won’t need to be a rocket scientist to enjoy The Genius, which promises to be fun and inspiring.

The video below will give you a better idea of what to expect if you don’t know what the Pageant of the Masters is. It’s a lot easier to show someone then to read about it!


Some of the art they’re featuring this year and bringing to life.

We hope you make it out tonight if you haven’t already been! For those who have been, it was spectacular this year, huh? If you want to visit the site and get more information about tickets or anything else go Here! Happy Friday and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!